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An Overview of What Collective Agreement Services Are in Singapore

Need a review of your collective agreement? This guide outlines what this agreement is and how Collective Agreement Services in Singapore can help.

3E Accounting can help you review the agreement via our Review of Collective Agreement Services.


What is a Collective Agreement?

Review of Collective Agreement Services in SingaporeA Collective Agreement is a notice that is served to the receiving party. For example, once the employer or the trade union in Singapore has initiated a collective bargaining process, this agreement must be issued. The agreement will be issued by the party who wants to start the negotiations.

The Collective Agreement is essentially an agreement between the trade union, who will act on behalf of the employees, and the employer. This agreement has a minimum 2-year validity period. It can last for a maximum of 3-years. One signed the document will be submitted to the Industrial Arbitration Court for filing. You should receive certification within a week from the signing date.


The Regulating Authority

In Singapore, the relationship between an employer and the employee is regulated by an act. Specifically, the Industrial Relations Act. The act helps with the settlement and prevention of trade disputes. The methods used to settle these disputes include:

  • Collective bargaining
  • Arbitration
  • Conciliation
  • Tripartite mediation

Once the agreement has been sent, the receiving party needs to accept it. Acceptance is a signal that negotiations can commence. Ideally, negotiations should start between the employer and the trade union as early as possible. 3E Accounting associates can help you review the agreement via our Review of Collective Agreement Services.


What Happens if an Agreement Can’t Be Reached?

If an agreement can’t be reached at the employer’s level, the next step would be serving notice to the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) Singapore. The trade union or employer can action this step. MOM can be asked to step in and help with the reconciliation. MOM will organise a reconciliation meeting within 14-days from receiving the notification.


Need Assistance?

Want to better your chances of reaching an amicable negotiation? Then you need our Review of Collective Agreement Services in Singapore. For more information about how 3E Accounting associates can help, contact our team today.

Review of Collective Agreement Services in Singapore