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Problem Solving Services in Singapore

Problem Solving Services is always the golden ticket for business success. People will always search for solutions when they face problem in running a business, and they will always look for better ways and smarter solutions to resolve any problem that arises. The coming wave of technology, namely artificial intelligence, data analytics, robotics, the Internet of Things, and new software-enabled industrial platforms, have fuelled the digital disruption that will drastically change the way we do business. Digital disruption in business, as the name implies, usually means the radical change of the existing business processes caused by the new internet-enabled business models.

In the face of digitalisation, businesses have to rework their business models, look for new revenue through new channels such as social media, and establish new consumer engagement. Having said that, disruption is an opportunity for business to transform in a prevailing way, rather than being seen as a threat. In other words, businesses nowadays need to embrace and leverage digital technology and new ways to work for their future success.

Problem Solving Services


3E Accounting as the Problem Solving Service Provider

To win the game of digital disruption, you need a professional service provider to turn a seemingly challenging problem into the turning point of your business. 3E Accounting’s partner, one of the top players in the field of corporate services, will help you to diagnose and analyse the problem, and resolve the identified issue with our customized approach. As the leading corporate service provider in the country, we gain our industrial knowledge, experience, and capability by working with different companies in different fields and sizes, perfecting our skills as a problem solver in the industry.


How Do We Help?

Of course, we have proper steps in effective problem solving, rather than jump into a solution in a hurry. Here is how we will help you:

  1. Define the problem
    We will not jump the gun and simply suggest a solution without identifying the problem properly. It is because we understand that a small problem could manifest to become a big problem with inappropriate solutions. Why take the risk when we can avoid making mistakes with proper innovation and change management skills?
  2. Dissect the problem from all angles
    One of the best ways to define a problem properly is through examination from different angles. It is more likely for us to find the best solutions if we can adopt such an approach – examine it from all angles. For example, poorly managed payroll management, inadequate internal systems, or ineffective policies and processes, all could be the cause of poor payroll management.
  3. Tackle the root cause
    Further to defining the problem properly, we will tackle the root cause of the issue rather than treating the symptom at the surface. Solving a problem without tackling its root cause might lead to another similar problem with different symptoms.
  4. Identify possible solutions
    This step involves developing as many solutions as we could to resolve an issue. We will then prioritize potential solutions according to the urgency. A practical solution which could be executed easily and resolve the problem effectively is usually better than a seemingly excellent solution with complexity and higher cost.
  5. Assign responsibility
    Just as important as defining the problem, this step is important as it identifies and determines the stakeholders to carry out the solution.
  6. Set a measure for the solution
    Many people understand that effective measurement is foundational to growth, especially in problem-solving. Without the set of measurement to gauge the effectiveness of a solution, we will have no way of knowing whether the problem was resolved, as well as the effectiveness of the solution.

Problem Solving Services


Are You Looking for a Professional Problem Solving Service Provider for Your Business?

Over the past few years, 3E Accounting’s partner has addressed a slew of major challenges with our clients, be it local clients or international clients. From full business model innovation to digital and operating transformations, our professional team has managed to address highly specific functional challenges. We will work closely with our clients to find a transformation initiative with advanced technology. Our well-trained, professional, and talented team always keep up the standard in delivering breakthrough results. Contact us today for the best problem solving services in town!