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Fundraising and Private Listing Services in Singapore

Fundraising and Private Listing Services in Singapore

As a business owner, are you looking to raise capital to fund your business growth and expansion plans? Or are you looking to do an IPO, but are daunted by the laborious processes, high costs and liabilities? You and your shareholders can now sell some or all of your privately-held shares, freeing up capital. Employee share schemes are now made tangible and have value.

We have come together with CapBridge and 1exchange (“1X”) for companies to gain smart capital access to navigate today’s new normal through the following:

  1. Fundraising
  2. Fundraising and Private Listing
  3. Private Listing

Fundraising Through Global Private Capital

CapBridge primary online syndication platform is regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and holds a Capital Markets Services Licence.

  • Gain global investor exposure by tapping into an international network that promotes cross-border investing
  • Simple fundraising process to reduce admin and lower costs
  • Integrated digital platform to outreach and provide updates to all investors globally

Requirements for Fundraising

Have more than USD 1 million in annual revenue or have previously raised more than USD 10 million.

Private Listing on 1exchange (“1X”)

1exchange (“1X”) is the world’s first licensed and regulated private securities exchange that is regulated by Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and holds a Recognised Market Operator licence.

  • Gain access to capital without fully listing the company on public exchanges (e.g. SGX, KLSE, HKEX)
  • Retain control and minimal cap table impact
  • ‘Light-touch’ and flexibility to operate
  • Expand investor access and boost corporate brand image
  • Allow early investors to monetise their holdings in a structured and transparent manner
  • Addresses succession planning issues, ESOP, and staff retention by enabling tradeable private equity
  • Implement governance, transparency and information disclosure best practices for a future exit
  • Increased company exposure and credibility, while boosting investors confidence
  • A faster, simpler, more cost-effective and less risky alternative to IPOs

Requirements for Private Listing

Have more than SGD 2 million in annual revenue or have previously raised more than SGD 4 million, have at least 2 years of operating history and working capital of more than 12 months.

Services provided by 3E Accounting:

  • Listing Readiness Assessment
    • Advising on the eligibility criteria and listing rules
    • Determining fundraise amount / Selling shareholders
    • Preparing legal templates for execution specific to your company’s needs
  • Valuation Services
    • Provide a professional Valuation Report as part of the Listing Services
  • Preparation of Fundraising Collaterals
    • Business Plan
    • Teaser
    • Financial Models etc.
  • Bespoke Digital Marketing
    • Website Revamp
    • Social Media Strategy
    • Digital Advertising
    • Corporate Video
    • Other Media Assets ( e.g. Media kits, branding guide)
  • Independent Director
  • Continuing Activities on 1X private securities exchange
    • Compliance to 1X listing rules
    • Provide insider trading guidelines
    • Announcements and reporting
    • Corporate governance and adequate controls
  • IPO Readiness Assessment
    • Prepare issuer for IPO on SGX when company is ready to migrate to public exchange

If your company is ready to take the next step into fundraising and private listing services in Singapore, look for the professional experts at 3E Accounting and contact us. Let us provide you with the professional services to prepare your company to fundraise or get private listed in Singapore. 3E Accounting also has a full suite of business advisory services in Singapore to support your business expansion plan.

Fundraising and Private Listing Services