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Xero Cloud Accounting Software in Singapore

Packages Available Fee (SGD)
Xero cloud software subscription (Premium Plan) (Paid direct to Xero)
– Support multiple currency
– unlimited transactions
– unlimited users
– Online video training by Xero (self study)
– Real time management accounts report generated by Xero
(Subjected to Xero changes)
Xero Implementation includes
– Xero Chart of accounts setup
– Banking accounts setup
– Issue initial logins for the users
– Customized for 2 invoice template
– Customise dashboard
– Setup tracking categories
** Extra charges for additional work is required for
Free ## , ###
Xero Cloud Software annual support
– Annual email and phone support for Xero from Mon to Fri except PH 9am to 6pm
– FREE regular updates and reminders on tax, compliance and grants
** All accounting transactions are to be input by the client directly into Xero. Extra charges apply if other services such as data entry , reconciliation is requested.
Free ###
Monthly Bookkeeping Services included
– Xero Cloud Software annual support
– Accounts Payable reconciliation
– Accounts Receivable reconciliation
– Bank account reconciliation
– Consultation for accounting and GST treatments
From $600 (W/GST $648) per month
Xero training Refer to Xero Business Help Centre

# For clients who are interested to subscribe for the Xero cloud accounting software, we are able to assist with the subscription process for your Company if your Company is already our existing client engaging or are engaging our annual secretarial / book-keeping services.
## You must subscribe to our annual secretarial service for engaging our implementation services.
### Free for our existing client who engage our annual secretarial services. (terms and conditions apply)


Lapsing of Productivity and Innovation Credit (“PIC”) scheme

As you may be aware, the PIC scheme will lapse after the Year of Assessment 2018. Year of Assessment 2018 refers to the company’s financial year ending/ended 2017. The financial year ending/ended 2017 will be the final time frame for companies to incur qualifying expenses for PIC benefits.

For detail Xero Cloud Accounting Software Pricing Plan, please refer to Xero Cloud Accounting Software Pricing

To take your business to newer heights, it is important that you stay abreast with the latest in technology. By adopting new technologies into your IT landscape, you’ll be able to better manage and streamline your business processes, which is needed to operate efficiently and simultaneously deliver the ultimate customer service. When it comes to new technology developments, software that is transforming the Singaporean business world is Xero Cloud.

Xero Cloud accounting software offers businesses a powerful platform to perform accounting and financial operations smoothly and at the same time, delivers your customers and clients with the best in service.


Xero Accounting Software – What is it?

Powered by cloud technology, Xero accounting is advanced and revolutionary online accounting software that revolutionises your business practices by providing you with real-time access to financial data whenever you need it. It is accessible from anywhere, at any time and from any device.

Xero accounting posts your bank activity for you and automatically matches it to your accounting transactions. This smart software is great for both you and your clients. From invoicing to reporting, bank reconciliation, and more, everything is just a click away.

This online accounting software makes invoicing super easy. You can create professional invoices online and send them to your clients which they can pay immediately with just a click of a button. And also receive updates when invoices are reopened. By using this software, you can also:

  • Create purchase orders
  • Copy bills for payment
  • Manage inventory
  • Track sales and purchases
  • Attach source files and documents
  • Manage cash flow by scheduling payments and batch paying suppliers
  • Handle personal expenses easily by reviewing and approving receipts
  • Enjoy seamless connectivity with banks for data oversight instead of data entry which helps save time and gets the job done with minimum errors


Great Benefits of Deploying and Using Xero Cloud Accounting Software

Some of the many benefits of using Xero Cloud Accounting software are that this software enables you to get more work done in less time. Besides this, the data keeps flowing without any traditional data entry as it enables you to connect your client’s bank to the cloud-based ledger. This allows you to focus on other more important areas of your business such as business analysis and strategic management.

Xero Accounting helps perform time-consuming tasks like invoicing and creation of purchase orders efficiently. And greater efficiency allows you to grow your team, bottom line and client base.


Comparing Between Cloud and Desktop

In comparison to desktops, the cloud has truly revolutionised the way business is done today. Cloud-based software like Xero helps perform business tasks more efficiently, on the go at any time and from any device. Unlike desktop-based software, using the cloud, you can access your business data and perform operations without any limitations to time or geography.


Why Work with 3E Accounting for your Xero Cloud Accounting Software?

At 3E Accounting, we take pride in being a part of Xero’s worldwide partner network. Being a long-standing partner and qualified reseller, we provide you with full Xero accounting solutions in Singapore. From helping you switch to Xero to providing you with live tutorials and webinars to learn more about this software to ongoing support, we offer you end to end services.

At Xero Cloud Accounting Software in Singapore, we are listed as Xero Certified Advisor.
Xero Certified Advisor


Concern about security of your data with Xero?

Your data is safe with multiple layers of security with Xero. Protecting your data is fundamental to everything Xero do. Xero has invested in industry-leading infrastructure and constantly strive to ensure your data is always secure. For more information about Security with Xero.



Boost your business performance and efficiency by deploying Xero cloud accounting Software in your IT landscape. This advanced software enables you to perform business operations smoothly on the go and from anywhere and deliver the ultimate service to your clients.


Online Training by Xero

You may find below, the online training video and resources from Xero which can assist you to master the Xero Cloud Accounting Software and kick start the computerization of your accounting system.

Xero Business Help Centre

Here’s what you’ll understand from how to sign up for an account with Xero, how to set up your organisation, and links to pages that’ll help you get started using Xero and get yourself to become an expert of Xero.

Xero Certification Course – Global

Looking to be a Xero expert? You can download the course materials and get all the details about global certification course of Xero.