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Fax Services / Online Fax Services in Singapore

Package Fee for Fax Services

Packages Available Fee (SGD)
General Fax Services – Free Incoming Fax Free by engaging our Registered Address services
General Fax Services – Outgoing Fax (Local) $1 (W/GST $1.07) per page
General Fax Services – Outgoing Fax (Overseas) $2 (W/GST $2.14) per page
Dedicated Fax Services by Hoiio $10 per month

3E Accounting Pte Ltd.’s Dedicated Fax Line Services offer you a general fax service and a fax number that permits all faxes to be delivered directly to your email 24 hours per day, seven days a week.
General Fax Services Package includes:

  • 24 Hours reception of faxes from Singapore and overseas
  • A fax number can that can be utilized on namecards, letterheads, websites, forms, etc.
  • Free incoming faxes and free forwarding of faxes in PDF format to the client’s designated email addresses
  • Local outgoing fax charges apply (40 cents for each page)
  • Overseas outgoing fax charges apply ($1 for each page)

Dedicated Fax Services Package includes:
Are you looking for Dedicated Fax Service? You can subscribe to Hoiio services.
HoiioHoiio is a software company and provide cloud communication and apps to businesses on a subscription and usage based business model. We are founded in Singapore in 2007 and have expanded regionally with offices in Malaysia, Hong Kong and Vietnam.

We are a firm believer in cloud technologies and its ability to empower a new era of agile businesses and have invested over 8 years of research and development into our awards winning agile cloud platform.

You will get you own dedicated fax line from Hoiio and maintain 100 percent control of it. No one can terminate your services without your notice, as the subscription is directly established between your company and the Supplier, Hoiio.

To apply for fax services, please email to us at