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IT Security Testing in Singapore

IT Security TestingIt is an undeniable fact that technology is very much a part of modern life, millions of web applications exist to make our lives easier and much more interesting. The more advanced society becomes technologically, the more people begin to rely on computers and other forms of technology for everyday existence.

As such, life will be in chaos when a machine breaks or a computer crashes, until the problem is resolved. We can see that any security breaches, no matter how major or minor it may be, leads to loss and undesirable results.


What is Security Testing?

Here comes the idea of IT security testing. IT security testing is a process that is performed to find out how vulnerable a system may be and to determine whether its data and resources are well-protected from potential risks like hackers.

In fact, security testing of any system is about finding and identifying all possible risks and weaknesses of the system which might result in a loss of information.


How Does Security Testing Work?

Security testing is in many ways similar to functional testing. It involves risk identification, a definition of the expected behaviour should be, and lastly performance of some testing to reduce the risk.

As already mentioned, security test intends to reveal flaws in security mechanism. The process involves evaluating the potential risks within the application under test and to find out the vulnerabilities with the help of various techniques and tools. In short, security testing involves vulnerability scanning, security scanning, penetration testing, security auditing and security review.


The Importance of Security Testing

Security is a key element throughout the application development lifecycle as it ensures the information system is capable of protecting the data and maintaining its functionality. If black hat hackers are a virus that could mean massive disruption for a business, then think of security testing as the anti-virus software that keeps everything running smoothly. As technology continues to penetrate into nearly all aspects of everyday life, the threat of being hacked, be it your personal information or your company’s data, becomes more and more real.

No one on the web is immune from security risks. If preventative measures and testing are not applied then the impact of these increasingly sophisticated attacks will continue to get worse, and unbeatable. If you are serious about the IT security of your business and you would like to know more, don’t be hesitate to contact us to get the best quality of service from our affiliate lawyer who has both the legal background and IT knowledge.