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Human Resource Consultancy and Advisory Services in Singapore – Our Professional HR Consultants Are Ready to Help

Human Resource Consultancy and Advisory Services in SingaporeIt is a known fact that human resource is one of the important assets of an organisation. Some even opined that an organization is to only be as good as its people. As such, we can see that Human Resource Consultancy and Advisory Services in Singapore plays an important role not only in the business operation but also distinguishes the company from its competitors. Human Resource Management, as the name implies, is a specific HR consulting function within an organisation tasked to handle talent acquisition, and manage employees of the organisation, i.e. compensation, performance management, organisation development, workplace safety, wellness, benefits, employee motivation, training, and other related matters. Today, an effective Human Resource Management has its strategic role in managing people as well as the workplace culture in an organisation where it could help the organisation to stay on track to progress and accomplish its goals.

Human Resource Consultancy and Advisory Services in Singapore


What Is Human Resource Consultancy and Advisory?

While many companies have their in-house Human Resource team to manage the people and workplace affairs, there are companies who outsource the function of human resource to a third party Human Resource Consultancy. Other than the reason to stay cost-effective in management expenses, the outsourcing arrangement of human resource’s function will help to improve operational agility as well as increase the organisation’s competitive people advantage.

Human Resource Consultancy (HR Consulting), as the name suggests, is the third party HR consultancy company that provides specialist advice and services to help businesses in optimising the efficiency of their Human Resource’s operations. Many times, Human Resource consultancies are brought in to address a specific issue and are tasked with a special assignment – be it auditing or proposal or the implementation of a new policy designed to address certain issue.

In general, the Human Resource Consultancy’s services could be grouped into the following categories:

  1. Transformation of Human Resource’s Functions
    This part of service involves putting the right and suitable structure and capabilities to optimise Human Resource’s (“HR”) functions that could do more if compared with conventional HR management.
  2. Management in Behavioral Change
    As the name implies, behavioural change management is a customized approach used in people management, process or system factors of change to meet the intended business goals. The HR Consultancy service often helps clients to design and build programs with the aims to change and improve business performance.
  3. Talent Management
    Every organisation needs the right mixture of talents to achieve its business strategy. HR Consultancy comes in to help an organisation in talent acquisition, including the handling of the hiring process and development of talent retention’s strategy.


3E Accounting’s HR Consultancy and Advisory Services

We understand that good people management is an important part of the business strategy; therefore, we will help you to gain competitive people advantage with our consultants and HR professionals. Our HR Consultancy and Advisory services aim to help our clients to optimise their business operational efficiency.

With the professional help from our HR consultants, your company/organisation would be able to see the transformation via:

  1. The establishment of clearer vision in people management that is aligned with the company’s business strategy.
  2. The setup of a more agile and functional HR team.
  3. The development of a customized talent management strategy.

Our Associate HR Consulting and Advisory Services cover a wide spectrum of HR areas:

    1. Drafting of the employee handbook and/or employment contract
    2. Review of HR policies and procedures
    3. Human resource planning and management
    4. Management of compensation and benefits
    5. Performance management
    6. Employee engagement and communication
    7. Employees’ learning and development (strategy and implementation)
    8. Leadership development
    9. Talent acquisition
    10. Succession planning
    11. Industrial relations management
    12. Employee grievance handling

Human Resource Consultancy and Advisory Services in Singapore

In a nutshell, human resources are the foundation of an organization. A weak building’s foundation imposes the danger of collapsing. The same goes for an organization, too. Its people run the organisation, whether they are at the middle level or senior level. The people’s strength, commitment, and dedication are the important cogs that determine an organisation’s success. They are the important assets that are even more important that the systems or machineries.

Call us today if you would like to find out how to have a motivated workforce to optimise your company’s operational efficiency and reputation.