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Recruitment Agency in Singapore – 3E Accounting Singapore

3E Accounting is the leading workplace connector and licensed recruitment agency in Singapore.

A new era of work has dawned and getting ahead of the competition in the recruitment game takes superior skill, knowledge, and finesse. As a licensed recruitment agency in Singapore, 3E Accounting has all three and more in spades. 3E Accounting is a market leader characterized by commitment, first-class service and the best network of employers and talent. Their reputation is further staked with the indisputable good standing of employment agency license conditions. When it comes to business solutions, 3E Accounting’s impeccable standard simply leaves the competition in the dust.

Recruitment Agency in Singapore


Leading Change

As specialists in company registration and compliance, 3E Accounting has smartly leveraged on the power of diversification. They have added recruitment services under their umbrella of services, thereby offering clients an all-rounded approach to conducting business.

Since March 2013, its member firm, 3E Accounting Employment Pte. Ltd., has been a Duly Licensed Employment Agency. Registered with the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), 3E Accounting Employment has acquired the Singapore Employment Agency License (EAL).

Singapore’s EAL is mandatory for any firm that seeks to operate an employment agency. This includes entities and individuals involved in staffing or recruitment as a regular business activity. EAL authorizes and legalizes:

  • Employee placement and recruitment within Singapore or abroad.
  • Representation of both employers and employees for official application and submission of work passes.

This license solidifies 3E Accounting’s status as a MOM employment agency license bearer. It is a hallmark of 3E Accounting’s spotless track record as well as good standing of employment agency license conditions. 3E Accounting is a pioneering member of the Human Capital Partnership (HCP) Programme. As an HCPartner, 3E Accounting is part of a community of employers dedicated to progressive change in the workplace. HCP is committed to developing human capital and employment practices to ensure that the local workforce and economy keep current.

Combining best practices in human resource with savvy recruitment services, 3E Accounting offers unique and customizable solutions for businesses. The right service provider can make or break your business. 3E Accounting has the industry experience and talent to provide the right solution. Some of the impeccable services offered by 3E Accounting include:

  • Customizable HR Solutions – contracts and payroll, employee handbook, grants consultation, etc.
  • Singapore Immigration Solutions – citizenship, permanent residency.
  • ABTC – APEC Business Travel Card.
  • Passes – Singapore Employment Pass or Entrepass, Personalized Employment Pass, etc.
  • Letter of Consent Application.


New Age Consulting With 21st Century Partners

Making the right connections between employer and employee takes multiple specialisms and skill. 3E Accounting’s nexus of international networks offer unparallel support for businesses across a multitude of frameworks.

Find a new job in Singapore or anywhere in the world with 3E Accounting, the leading recruitment agency in Singapore. Our experts are ready to offer support and guidance with exclusive insights into the job industry. With 3E Accounting by your side, you will have a dedicated partner committed to your career and development.

Contact 3E Accounting today to speak with our recruitment experts and get the job placement of your dreams.

Recruitment Agency in Singapore