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Get Yourself the Right Person as Your Corporate Secretary in Singapore

Get Yourself the Right Person as Your Corporate SecretaryThe Singapore Companies Act requires every company in Singapore to appoint one or more company secretaries within 6 months of its incorporation. A company secretary must meet certain criteria including that he/she must be a natural person who has his/her principal or only place of residence in Singapore.

Your checklist for selecting the right person as your Corporate Secretarial partner in Singapore:

  • They have compliance officer to email you and call you to follow up on important accounting, taxation and GST deadlines
  • They have the expertise on customization of Constitution for you if necessary
  • No hidden fees such as charging a separate annual return fee or high marked-up out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Registered address services which include emails scanning free-of-charge and mails forwarding services.
  • Mails forwarding services counted by batch instead of by letter which is too costly as you can be receiving hundreds of letters per year.
  • Common seal is included in the Company incorporation package
  • Free first-year secretarial services.
  • Free advice from the right experts such as qualified Accountants, Company Secretaries, GST agents and Tax agents who are registered with SIATP
  • You know who they are and can find their Directors’ profile easily in their web site
  • The managing director can be reached easily for feedback or complex advices such as overseas expansion or business restructuring

3E Accounting provides corporate secretary services in Singapore

When you engage a qualified service provider that provides you with comprehensive end-to-end services, you should be enjoying all the premium services. Yet, we noticed that some service providers are not providing customers with certain important services such as unlimited mails scanning, no daily mail receiving notification, no mail forwarding services resulting in inconvenience to customer when they need to self-collect the mails from the registered office, no fax services support, no registered address services and etc.

Have you ever imagine the consequences that you will have to face as a result of your important or urgent emails being delayed due to late or non-notification by your service providers? Obviously, if you are NOT enjoying all the services as listed above, chances are, your services provider is not the correct partner for your business. You may risk getting into trouble concerning compliance issues with the Authorities. Thus, saving a few hundred dollars when signing up for services package may not be that worthwhile after all.

There are also many services providers who are outsourcing their services such as accounting and taxation to freelancers. It will be hard to control the quality of such services and responses are not prompt which eventually may cause unnecessary delay. This may lead to serious consequences including late filing of annual returns and penalties which can be as high as $900 per year.

When engaging any services providers, you have to take note of any hidden cost involved. For instance, some firms will charge you higher fees for mail scanning, mail forwarding, registered address, FedEx services and etc. Some firms may also be charging separate annual return fee or A.G.M. preparation fees. As a result, the end fees may be double the price which you have agreed with them when engaging their services.

For some services providers, if you would like to customize the Company’s Constitution (formerly known as the Memorandum & Articles of Association (M&A)) in accordance with any shareholders’ agreement, they will not be able to help you with even a simple customization or perform any desktop review on the documents. It is usually not within their scope of services and you may have to pay extra lawyers’ fees to carry out this task or end up filing a customized Constitution which is not in accordance with the requirement of local Authorities or consistent with your shareholders’ agreements.

When you opt for 3E Accounting, you will not have any of such problems as we are a one-stop-solution-centre who provide all the services from Singapore company incorporation, secretarial services, registered address services, nominee director services, work pass application, immigration services, business license application, accounting services, taxation services, GST services, Human Resource Services and etc under one roof. We have in-house specialists including qualified immigration consultants, payroll consultants, accountants, tax agents, GST agents, corporate secretaries and etc.

Some firms may be engaging their sales team instead of professionals to serve you and provide advisory services to you. At 3E Accounting, we will always ensure and maintain the best and top quality of services at an economical price. We do not believe in outsourcing and engaging freelancers to carry out such professional jobs for us. We will ensure that you get updated and accurate advice from our professional and qualified corporate secretaries directly in order to address all your concern instantly without any delay. At 3E Accounting, we understand that time is precious especially for new start-ups. You will be surprised that you can reach any of our qualified personnel including our Managing Director easily through a phone call or email. This is only possible by having a pool of professionals as our support team hence freeing up our managing director so that he has sufficient time to give attention to all customers on important issues, such as overseas business expansion, business restructuring and etc.

Rest assured that when you turn to 3E Accounting, you will be able to enjoy ample privileges such as registered address services which only cost $321 per year and includes unlimited emails scanning, daily notification and mail forwarding services, free expert advice, etc. We are charging a service fee of $1.07 only for each batch of mail forwarding.

We understand that some services providers are not providing customers with free company seal for their incorporation package. Customers who are not aware of this will be caught by surprise and this will results in delaying their business transactions especially when a deed is required to be signed with a seal. In short, engaging our full incorporation package is the most cost-saving option for you.

You should also be sceptical with services providers that you are not able to obtain their team’s profile. A qualified and committed services providers like 3E Accounting will proudly present their directors’ background and profile on their website.

3E Accounting is also foreigners friendly as we are able to provide foreign investors who are new to the business requirement in Singapore, with free and detailed company incorporation consultation when they come to us. You can rest assured that you will be able to get comprehensive end-to-end services conveniently and efficiently.

Why make life complicated? When you engage 3E Accounting, everything is as simple and as straight forward as possible. Our 100% transparent fees list are available for reference at Our Fees, with NO HIDDEN COST. You will be guaranteed the best and cost-effective services from 3E Accounting. This is not self-proclaimed but with recognitions and awards received from recognised professional bodies and the Authorities.

In the nutshell, when you are considering engaging a services provider, you need to make comparison from all aspects and have detailed understanding to avoid any of the bad apple out there. Fees is an important element but a slightly lower fees may not be worth the risk.

Get Yourself the Right Person as your Corporate Secretary

Get it right from the beginning and Switch to 3E Accounting today. We believe you deserve the best at economical prices. It is always our mission to offer the three Es: efficiency, effectiveness and economical services, at our One-Stop Solution services centre to all our clients.