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Family Business Advisory in Singapore

Running a family business is unlike any other, and Family Business Advisory services like 3E Accounting are needed to ensure continued success.

Although sometimes small, family-owned businesses remain a critical component of the Singapore business structure. What makes this type of business setup unique is the management. Most of the time, one or more family members will be the one that holds full responsibility and ownership.
Family Business Advisory


Family Business Dynamics

It takes a different set of circumstances to ensure the success of a family-run business. A strong line of succession, distinct culture, and a clear long-term vision for the future are among the success criteria. A family-owned business still needs to contend with some of the regular operational aspects. This includes managers, board members and employees.

Family Business Advisory services are necessary to overcome certain issues faced. Family issues and ownership related matters, for example, can further hinder the decision-making process. Still, family-owned business is an important part of Singapore’s robust business dynamics. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) help to drive the country’s already thriving economy.


Why Choose 3E Accounting’s Family Business Advisory Services?

Because no one understands what makes a family business successful quite like we do. Every family is unique, and that means your business is too. For that reason, we never use the same solution twice. At 3E Accounting, our experts have a different approach when it comes to our Family Business Advisory services. We assess the requirements of your business. Based on that, we offer advice based on what will be best collectively.

Our focus remains to only have the best interest of the company at heart. The hands-on approach taken by the team works because we:

  • Are committed to learning the ins and outs of your business.
  • Work on your succession planning model and process.
  • Help improve your business’ sustainability so every year growth is easily tracked and visible.
  • Focus on the services that give your business a competitive advantage.


Succession planning is critical for the continued success of your business. The right Family Business Advisory services remains a key part of your future success. We work with your goals and your vision, so you can rest assured the best interest of your company always takes precedence. There’s no substitute for experience, and the 3E team’s industry insight and expertise are unmatched in that department.

For more information about the Family Business Advisory services we offer, contact our team today.

Family Business Advisory