Business Broker Services by 3E Accounting

It Takes an Expert Touch to Broker the Best Business Deal

Brokering a successful business deal with the right Business Broker Services can only be achieved with a team you can trust.

A business’s ability to combine its physical business with the e-commerce space is essential to success. Technology is an undeniable part of your business. Every business in the world is ruled by technology and as more transactions move online, the digital world is grasping a stronger foothold.

If a business is going to benefit from this changing dynamic, they need to have a strong grip of both worlds. That’s were 3E Accounting’s Business Broker Services can work to your advantage. Connecting your business with the right sellers, the 3E approach is the one that will make the difference.
Business Broker Services


About Our Business Broker Services

3E Accounting has a long-standing reputation for trust and reliability. Our years of experience doing business in Singapore has given us a significant advantage – first-hand insight. Our experienced consultants are skilled at performing the necessary due diligence to identify the best deal structure.

Our Business Broker Services are focused on utilizing the resources you have to maximise the available opportunities. Luckily, we thoroughly understand the business broker process. We will be there to lead you through every step of the process, and the profound insight we have means you thoroughly understand what you’re getting into.

From the valuation to the intermediary negotiation and until the final acquisition, we work with your business step-by-step. Our list of services includes:

  • Due diligence
  • Negotiating the deal structure
  • Information preparation
  • Negotiation and valuation
  • Exit strategy
  • Advice on selling a failing business
  • Sourcing investors
  • Succession planning


For more information on our services, contact the friendly 3E Accounting team today.

Business Broker Services