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Domain Registration or Domain Hosting Services in Singapore

When everything it’s all about just one click away in this new era, website became a powerful tool for your business.

Get Found by Your Audience over the Web Round the Clock
Planning to launch your business online? Want to make sure you’re found by your target audience easily and that your business is accessible to them round the clock? Well, then there are two things you need to keep in consideration—Domain and Hosting. You can’t compromise on these 2 aspects if you wish to establish a successful business over the web.


Check Domain Name for Availability


Start Your Website with a Domain

What are the process of setting up a website for your company? Before you start to set up a website for your business or company, it is always good to have some knowledge on the domain and hosting for your website.

In this challenging time of incorporating a business, we feel you and we understand your difficulties. At 3E Accounting, we would like to grow with you. Therefore, our affiliated partner, IT Solution Pte Ltd is here to provide our customers with all the valuable guidance at an affordable price for all of the features you require.


Domain Name—Establish Your Unique Web Identity

With over 1 billion websites online, to compete successfully digitally, it is important that you establish a unique web identity so that you can be easily found by your target audience. The best way to ensure this is to have a powerful, unique and an easy domain name registered.

If you’re looking to gain a strong online market presence locally, then consider opting for domains. However, if you’re competing globally then a .com domain is the best choice.

Besides this, make sure that the domain name matches your company name so that it reflects your company and helps you establish a strong identity, online. By looking at your domain name, your audience will easily be able to recognise to your website.

To select and register a powerful domain name, get in touch with us! We can introduce you to our affiliate domain name registering partner, IT Solution Singapore and help you get registered at a competitive price.

Registration of Domain

For foreign company setup, you can reserve and register your domain name for .sg or during the incorporation of your company. However, the VerifiedID@SG need to be done by Singapore local director for all or .sg domain name. Therefore, if you only engage our nominee director services, you will need nominee director to help you for verification and extra cost apply.

Something that is even more exciting is that when you engage 3E Accounting Singapore Company incorporation service, you will be able to enjoy FREE first year “.com” domain name registration. You are required to send your request to for registration, upon your incorporation.

Always remember to get ID Protect for your domain. ID Protect is an add-on service that hides the WHOIS information of a domain’s registration from being displayed in the public WHOIS record, and also protects the WHOIS contacts from data mining and spam.

So, don’t wait any longer to contact our Incorporation Specialists today, they will be happy to assist you. You will need to activate the domain with participating registrars at IT Solution.


Hosting – 24x7x365 Business Uptime

Hosting is basically a service that allows to make your site accessible to your audience via the World Wide Web. This service provides you with data centre space and internet connectivity.

Crush your competition by getting your website hosted by our affiliate partner. It is important to work with a reliable web hosting service provider to ensure your business never sleeps and is accessible to your audience 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

Web hosting can be starting a blog, launching a web based store or establish a web based presence on your business. For a wide range of hosting packages please visit IT Solution Hosting Services for more details.

From VPS hosting to dedicated domain hosting, and shared hosting, our affiliate partner offers the best and wide range of web hosting packages at the most competitive prices that suit all budgets and needs. With our affiliate partner, IT Solution Singapore, you can enjoy 99.9 percent guaranteed website uptime and make sure that your customers have access to your business whenever they drop by.

Not only does our affiliate partner have the best hosting packages, they also offer on-demand and excellent technical support by their team of well-trained and certified professionals. So in case of any kind of trouble-shooting problem, you can be confident that the IT Solution Singapore team will be there to assist you and handle all issues without any delay.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today and make sure that you’re found by your target audience anytime they search for your business or products & services online. And besides this, since your business never sleeps with us and runs at lightning speed, rest assured that you’ll never experience downtime which is known to affect SEO ranking negatively.

Focus on your business with our support on your hosting.

Please do not hesitate to contact our affiliate partner IT Solution Pte Ltd at for more information!