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Pre-lending Assessment Services and Why You Need Them


The World Changes Rapidly Every Day, But the Capital You Need for Your Business Doesn’t

Pre-lending Assessment ServicesEvery business needs capital to begin, but before you get it, you might have to utilize the pre-lending assessment services option for good reason.

A business needs capital injection to run, there’s no doubt about that. The capital could stem from several sources. Maybe your business is funded by a wealthy investor. Or you’re starting it based on funds garnered through your many fundraising efforts. Perhaps it was venture capitalists who gave you your big break. Either way, a company needs capital and the easiest source comes from bank loans.

Banks give out loans every day, but they don’t give them out to just anyone. Each application is given careful consideration and a thorough assessment. A pre-lending assessment to be exact. Pre-lending assessment services are offered by several companies that help entrepreneurs incorporate a business. Why? Because there is a need for such a service.

Pre-lending Assessment Services


Why We Need Pre-Lending Assessment Services?

Mainly, it is to determine your business’s suitability for a financial loan. These pre-lending assessment services are meant to help you identify areas you might have overlooked. This ensures all your bases are covered before you commence business. For example, these services will make you think about what your exact reasons are for applying for a loan. Knowing your reasons will help with your application, the more details you can provide the better.

These pre-lending assessment services also determine which type of loan your business will be best suited for. Financing options can be confusing, and you want to be sure you’re picking the right one for the sake of your business’s future. These pre-lending assessment services will be a gauge of how your current personal finances might impact your chances of securing a loan. It also helps you identify which bank is going to be able to fulfil your business needs best. For your business to get the strong head start it needs, it must be matched perfectly in as many areas as possible.


What to Know If You Qualify?

Over its many years and extensive experience in business, 3E Accounting has made many leaps and bounds. One of which is the forging of strong relationships with the many available funding institutions. This advantage has helped many businesses in Singapore launch their future. Now, we can do the same for you.

3E Accounting’s pre-lending assessment services will help you better project your future by focusing on:

  • Identifying the risks involved.
  • Assessing your finances and the local market.
  • Assessing your business case and its maintainable earnings.
  • Assessing the capacity for high-level debt.


Our experts will diligently advise you on your business’s prospective viability. Strong relationships with many credible lenders put us in the perfect position to assess your success from all angles. For more information, visit our website or contact 3E Accounting today.

Pre-lending Assessment Services