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Invest With the Best for a Successful HR Operation Every Time

Your HRIS and HRMS systems are a core component of your business. If you want your human resources operation to be successful, you need the HRIS and HRMS Implementation Services by 3E Accounting.

You need the HRIS and HRMS Implementation Services by 3E Accounting.


What are the HRIS and HRMS?

The HRIS stands for Human Resource Information System. The HRMS stands for Human Resource Management Software. Both systems are crucial in ensuring your HR operations run smoothly.

Among the components required for smooth HR operations are:

  • Government compliance
  • Account management
  • Database design
  • Device provisioning

At 3E Accounting, our HRIS & HRMS Implementation Services can assist you with these requirements and more.


What Our System Can Do for You

The 3E Accounting team will create a full end-to-end software system that is both robust and dynamic. From workflow automation and payroll compliance to data analysis, our services will make your HR processes seamless. Our systems also meet the Affordable Care Act compliance requirements, and OSHA reporting and record-keeping.

Our system also provides the following services:

  • Custom database HRMS design for your employees and personnel. Manage your records and make your data, data retrieval, sharing, data entry, and deletion easier. Our employee storage solutions can be shared across the company.
  • A Single Sign-On (SSO) function to manage, track, and digitalise the identity and accounts of your employees and personnel.
  • Our services are customised to create a centralised platform for all your human resource functions. This includes onboarding, employee training and management, performance management, recruitment, and administrative tasks.
  • We provide support for policies that involve bringing your own devices. This includes provisioning, security and management features, on-boarding and status verification.


Need Help in Implementing an Effect HR Software Solution?

Let 3E Accounting’s HRIS & HRMS Implementation Services fulfil all your human resource needs. Our full range of services means peace of mind knowing you are well and truly covered. For more information about our services, get in touch with our friendly team today.

HRIS & HRMS Implementation Services