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Nominee Shareholder Service in Singapore

Package Fee for Nominee Shareholder Service

Package available Fee (SGD)
Corporate Nominee Shareholder Services provided by “3E ACCOUNTING NOMINEE SHAREHOLDER PTE. LTD.” $2,000 (W/GST $2,140) per year

Note: Any natural person (local or foreigner) can be a shareholder in Singapore and enjoying the same tax incentive and audit exemption. For cost saving purposes, we will highly recommend you to engage your relatives or friends to hold the share in trust for you rather than engage our nominee shareholder services. We will accept the engagement if a valid reason is provided for.
Kindly remind that the bank account opening process will be stringent with the nominee shareholder structure. The bank will request more information to understand the background of the beneficial owner and the reason for using a nominee shareholder for setting up the Company.


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FAQ for Nominee Shareholder Services
The Singapore Companies Act requires all Singapore private limited companies (PLCs) to have at least one shareholder, either an individual or a corporation. It is not necessary for the shareholder to be a Singapore resident.

When incorporating your Singapore company, you can become a shareholder of the company. Alternatively, 3E can provide you with a corporate nominee shareholder which will help you secure your corporate privacy.

It is not uncommon for clients to engage our Nominee Shareholders Service to retain anonymity for the purpose of confidentiality. With our service, the nominee shareholders hold the shares on trust for the beneficial owners. Only the nominee shareholder’s name will be identified on the Register of Shareholders.


Nominee Shareholders Agreement

At 3E, our Nominee Shareholders Service provides each client with a signed Declaration of Trust in which the appointed nominee shareholder holds shares on behalf of the beneficial owner. The nominee shareholder is not the legal owner of the shares. The shares shall be returned to the beneficial owner when the service is terminated or transferred to another party as per the beneficial owner’s request. All income and capital gains on the shares are belong to the beneficial owner. The nominee shareholder (3E ACCOUNTING NOMINEE SHAREHOLDER PTE. LTD.) has no bank account and all income and capital gains must be directly remitted to the beneficial owner.

Our Nominee Shareholders Service guarantees complete confidentiality. Your identity as beneficial owner(s) is only known to us, the bankers, and the regulator. The information is not placed on public record at the Company’s Registry.

FAQ for Nominee Shareholder Services

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