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Online and Social Media Monitoring Services by 3E Accounting


Managing Your Social Media Workflow Seamlessly and Efficiently

Online and Social Media Monitoring ServicesThe online world is a company’s greatest asset these days. Staying on the winning path requires online and social media monitoring services.

It’s more than just posting interesting content on social media. It’s more than just hoping for a few likes and shares. Your online and social media platforms are the key to driving business growth. If you know how to use them, that is.

We do more than monitor your content. We gather, we analyse and we process the massive data generated by your various online channels. We do this to gain insight into the performance of your business, market, consumers and your competitors. That’s what media intelligence is, and that’s what our Online and Social Media Monitoring Services are focused on.

Online and Social Media Monitoring Services


About 3E Accounting’s Online and Social Media Monitoring Services

Our services focus specifically on online news and social media only. We don’t focus on printed news mediums because these days, most content news content is published on online platforms too. The world we live in is a digital one and that is where the demand lies. Therefore, our focus is to be your all-in-one media intelligence team. We connect you with your audience in the way that matters most so you can measure your success with tangible results.

Our Online and Social Media Monitoring Services offer:

  • Publication Management
    We help you manage all your social networks, plan, schedule and publish your content. Using our integrated, unique editorial calendar, your content reaches your target audience directly wherever they may be.
  • Engagement Services
    Your customers want a brand who responds, understands and engages with them. They want a brand who focuses on more than just sales numbers. We ensure that you deliver on that front by seamlessly managing your interactions across the various channels.
  • Content Analysis
    Understanding top-performing content is the secret to your future success. Knowing what works and what doesn’t is how your business improves. Our experts conduct an in-depth analysis into your top-performing content to increase engagement levels even more. We pinpoint the best time to post, who your demographics are, what content they want to see and more.
  • Crisis Management
    In the online world, one piece of bad content spreads like wildfire. Immediate damage control is essential, and not a minute should be wasted. Our team springs into action to manage your crisis in the best possible way. We know that nothing matters more than a business’s reputation.
  • Comprehensive and Hands-on Media Monitoring
    Insight into the industry is how you stay one step ahead of your competition. To do that, you need a team with a hands-on approach. Our Online and Social Media Monitoring Services cover an extensive range of the various media based in Singapore and within the region. We track your content in a timely fashion so you’ll never be the last to know.


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Online and Social Media Monitoring Services