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Premier Banking in Singapore

Premier banking (sometimes is called priority or preferred banking) is the type of services, benefits, and privileges that a bank offers to customers with deep pockets. Many banks have their premier banking facility properly set up –dedicated counters, lounges, and staff to attend to these elite individuals.


What are the Features and Benefits of Premier Banking?

Premier Banking in SingaporeAs the name implies, premier banking refers to an exclusive banking and financial service that is customized to meet to the needs of certain clients of the bank like corporate clients, business owners, and high net-worth individuals. Despite different credit card and debit card that packed with benefits, customers also enjoy many personalized services and privileges offered in premier banking, as prescribed by each bank.

Generally, the customized services and privileges provided by banks include:

  • dedicated relationship manager;
  • global recognition as primer customer;
  • assistance and financial consultation offered by the wealth management experts;
  • tailor-made investment offerings and packages;
  • comprehensive banking solutions for your business.


Should You Go for Premier Banking Service?

From the banker’s perspective, treating certain affluent customers with special privileges is done to entice them to do more business with the bank, which will, in turn, giving the bank more funds to continue operating and servicing all its customers.

The mechanism of premier banking is very simple: the banking industry uses its financial knowledge to help elite customers by offering financial advice, simplifying paperwork, and customising wealth solutions. While an ordinary customer would probably look into a safer and low-risk investment solution like fixed deposits to generate a steady stream of interest earnings, the premier customer will be pointed towards different financial tools and other options – with bigger commitment or higher risk for better returns. The customers get better and personalised service while the bank gets their business. It is a win-win solution for both the bank and customer.


Premier Banking in Singapore

Many agreed that having a primer banking account is like having a “badge of success”. Typically, banks offer the premier banking services and privileges to affluent customers. From tailored wealth management to VIP airport lounge use, these premier banking accounts usually come with a range of benefits.

To qualify for a premier account in Singapore, you must have either savings or investments of at least SGD 200,000. If you are looking to save time, experience a more customized financial service, a premium account is worth considering. Do contact us and we can get premier banker to assist you with dedicated Relationship Manager.