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HR Advisory Services in Singapore and Here is Why You Need It


A Company’s Strength Lies in Recruiting and Retaining the Best and More

HR Advisory ServicesRecruiting and maintaining a competent team of professionals is only one reason why you need HR Advisory services. A company’s success depends on more.

It’s a rapidly changing world that businesses are operating in. Now more than ever there is a need for a strong and dependable workforce within any organisation. Without its people who are the heart of the company, an organisation would be struggling to make it. On top the challenges it already faces, it certainly does not need to deal with frequent turnover rates too.

It is the HR function that determines matches the right candidates to the right job roles. It is the HR function that contributes to the success of an organisation in this way. It enables profound transformation to take place and convert the full potential of the people. This in turn will contribute to the success of the business.

HR Advisory Services


Why You Need HR Advisory Services?

Finding the right candidates to fill the roles is a time-consuming process. That’s why 3E Accounting is here to help make it a little easier through our HR Advisory Services offering. We go beyond just finding you the right candidates. We help your business sustain the transformational change you need so you can thrive in today’s economy.

Providing the best HR Advisory Services in the industry is something 3E Accounting takes very seriously. We have helped many Singaporean companies transform the way their business is managed because it is a commitment we take seriously too.

Our Singapore HR Advisory Services encompasses the following options:

  • Transforming the HR Function
    Our experts help align your HR function to your business strategy. We put the right capabilities and structures in place so your HR can deliver greater value to the business.
  • Managing the Talent
    Your business needs the right and unique mix of people to perform and make every business goal, mission and vision a reality. 3E Accounting works with you to source, recruit, and retain the talent you find. This will ensure all your current and future business needs are met. We find you the right people so your targets and strategies stay on point.
  • People Management
    We assist with managing your people, system or process factors through what we call Behavioural Change Management. Through this process, we develop and design specific programs aimed at enhancing effective leadership, individual ownership and sponsorship.
  • Better Workforce Understanding
    To identify that the workforce of the future demands, you need to understand how the current workforce works. To that affect, 3E Accounting’s HR Advisory Services aligns your business strategies to your workforce strategies. How does this help? It lets you define and track your workforce plans. In doing so, you’ll be able to bridge any critical gaps you notice.
  • Designing Your Organisational Structure
    This is the only way to achieve and more importantly, sustain your strategy and business vision. Our experts help your team implement and design an organisation structure, process and supporting infrastructure too. This includes systems and values, governance and capabilities. We’ll ensure that your business develops a capacity for change so your teams remain functional and agile.
  • Consulting
    3E Accounting has the advantage of being experienced, methodical and innovative. Therefore, we can help your business improve several critical HR facets of your business. We work with you to improve the teamwork and how to better use the talent you have.

Other services we can provide include:

  • Salary market intelligence survey
  • Assessment of existing employment contracts
  • Providing employment contract templates when needed
  • Payroll related services


Need Assistance? Get in Touch!

Need a hand with improving your HR function? The 3E Accounting team is happy to help! For more information on our HR Advisory Services package, contact us today.

HR Advisory Services in Singapore