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Forensic Investigations Service in Singapore

Forensic Investigations ServiceIntegrity is fundamental to your business. It affects your company’s reputation. With good reputation, with your customers and employees, the public, regulators and other companies will underpin your success. However, losing reputation can happen in a blink of an eye as well.

How could this happen? Your data is stolen by hackers. Your competitor accuses your sales force of corruption. An argument with your business partner threatens to erode value. An accounting discrepancy undermines market confidence. The media discovers related party transactions in a joint venture.

From what we see here, the changing nature of business has not only created new opportunities, but also new risks and potential threats at the same time. There will be no ends to the risks you face.

Not to forget the rise of potential risks like increasing sophistication of fraud, organized crime and terrorism, more complex legislation and regulations, some with increasing extra-territorial reach, developing challenges in technology, complex cross-border disputes, pitfalls from expanding into emerging markets, dependencies on unfamiliar business partners and more complex supply and distribution channels. Last but not least, theft and misuse of intellectual property.

Prevention is better than cure. Company that is able to monitor effectively and response swiftly to the problems occurred will allow you to reduce adverse financial, reputational or operational impact, to have advantage with real business benefits.

There are a few areas to be focused in forensic investigations service which is:

  1. Corporate intelligence
    • Integrity due diligence, is to provide information on the background, track record, reputation and integrity of prospective business partners.
    • Investigation support, is to support for fraud, asset tracing and other problem solving investigation
    • Litigation support, is to support for litigators and counsel in complex international arbitration and litigation.
  2. Dispute advisory services
    • Expert witness services, is the preparation and presentation of expert witness evidence.
    • International dispute resolution, is to assess risks to determine the value of claims and evidence collation.
    • Business and share valuations, serves for share and business valuations in the context of litigation.
    • Forensic transaction services, is to draft/review financial sections of Sale and Purchase Agreements.
    • Alternative dispute resolution, is to act as an expert to assist in accounting related disputes.
    • Competition, is to provide advice and guidance on competition issues.
    • Evidence and disclosure management, is to capture, process and review large volumes of data and evidence.
  3. Forensic technology
    • Digital Evidence Recovery
    • Evidence and Discovery Management
    • Cyber Crime Investigations
    • Data Analytics
  4. Fraud risk management
    • to conduct assessment of need based on the nature of fraud and misconduct risks and existing controls
    • to design ethics and compliance programs and related anti-fraud controls in a manner consistent with regulatory criteria and industry practices.
    • to implement programs and controls through the assignment of responsibilities and deployment of resources
    • to evaluate program and control effectiveness in achieving their objectives
  5. Global investigation
  6. Intellectual property and contract governance
  7. Regulatory compliance
    • Anti-Money laundering services
    • Anti-Bribery & corruption services

In short, forensic investigations service would be able to ensure you to have advantages with real business benefits. When you turn to 3E Accounting, our affiliates are happy to help you with forensic investigations. Contact us today!