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IRAS E-Stamping Services in Singapore

Package Fee for IRAS E-Stamping Services

Package Available Fee (SGD)
Stamping of Transfer Agreement $50 (W/GST $54.50) processing fee

Stamp duty is a tax on documents relating to immovable properties, stocks or shares.

Stamp duty payment duration and related penalty in case of failure

E-StampingOnce the document is signed and dated, stamp duty needs to be paid:

  • Within 14 days after the date of the document if the document is signed in Singapore, or
  • Within 30 days after the date of its receipt in Singapore if the document is signed overseas

It is an offense to use a document in which the stamp duty has not been paid on.  If the IRAS detects a document in which the stamp duty has not been paid, it will impose a penalty of up to four times the stamp duty amount.
In addition, a document in which the stamp duty is paid can be admitted as court evidence in cases of disagreements.

Currently, e-Stamping is available to everyone. The new e-Stamping website is an Internet-enabled portal that gives you the convenience of stamping your documents at home, in the office or from anywhere. There is no need to pay any subscription or transaction fee.

With e-Stamping, all you need to do is key-in your transaction details and the system will automatically compute the amount of stamp duty you need to pay.

If you agree to pay, the amount will be deducted through eNETS for non-registered users or through Interbank GIRO for registered users. The stamp certificate can be printed immediately.

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