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Cybersecurity Risk Assessment – Protecting Your Business Matters

Locate Your Weak Points Now to Protect Your Business’s Future

Managing your risks is how you ensure your business’s success is never compromised, and cybersecurity risk assessment is a necessity.

Cybersecurity Risk Assessment


Did You Know?

Nearly half of all businesses are the target of cyberattacks. Experts are anticipating that the cost of cybercrime is going to be an upward of $6 trillion by the time 2021. Statistically speaking, a cyberattack takes place every 39 seconds, per a study by the University of Maryland.

Is cybersecurity risk assessment something you should seriously consider? Absolutely. Data breaches have become so commonplace that it could happen to you. The biggest mistake a business makes is assuming it will never happen to them. But this relaxed approach is exactly what cybercriminals are looking to take advantage of.


What Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Involves?

Cybersecurity Risk AssessmentYou need to protect your business and a cybersecurity risk assessment is your first step towards understanding what your current weak points are. Based on the assessment, you’ll know which areas need fixing and what you could do about it.

The assessment will identify which of your devices and data is the most important. It will look at how hackers could potentially gain access. It also looks at what potential risks you stand to incur if your data is breached. You could perform an analysis of your own, but the expertise of a professional risk assessment team could help strengthen your defences even more.

Ideally, a risk assessment should happen once every two years. Here’s what a team of experts will do for you:

  • Gather information on what your current framework is and pinpoint where the vulnerabilities are.
  • Determine the way your system works and who uses the current system.
  • A thorough assessment of your identifiable risks and how to mitigate them.
  • Run vulnerability scans to identify and detect risks across several aspects of your network.
  • Testing employee responses too, because sometimes vulnerability could be related to human error.
  • Understand the potential impact in the event your system does get breached.


3E Accounting is Here to Help

The security of your business is something you can’t put a price on. The cost of having your data breached and falling into the wrong hands is a bigger headache to contend with. Customers data is extremely valuable, and it is imperative that a business guards it at all costs.

At 3E Accounting, we understand what’s at stake. Our team of professional analysts take this responsibility seriously and our years of experience will prove invaluable to your business. We’ll help you conduct a thorough and quantitative risk assessment to identify the best solution possible. Leave the future of your business in the hands of the experts and never worry about when you’re going to fall victim to the next cyber-attack. For a quote of our services and more information, contact our team today.

Cybersecurity Risk Assessment