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Arthur Property Management Solution

Gone are the days when selling and managing your property could only be done when you were at the location of the property itself. Thanks to technology, there is an alternative to the traditional style of managing your property – Arthur.


What is Arthur?

ArthurWhen people think of a property management solution that is like nothing else on the market, they think of Arthur. Arthur is a property management solution that works to bring together property managers, tenants, contractors, agents and owners all together in one place for convenience.

Arthur is easy to use and easily accessible via your phone, tablet and computer devices at anywhere and at any given time of day, allowing you all the freedom you need plus the flexibility to manage your properties no matter where you may be.

How did Arthur get started? Arthur, an independent private company, got started because property professionals realised that they wanted, and more importantly, needed a solution for their property management needs.

Arthur’s property management solution is ideally suited for single and multi-unit properties like houses, blocks, HMOs and more. Arthur gives its users full management capabilities directly from the app for easy convenience. Arthur allows its users to manage their properties around the world quickly and easily.


Why is Arthur different from the rest?

Arthur stands apart from everything else on the market with the features that it offers below:

  • Arthur caters for all property and tenancy types regardless of the country location.
  • Arthur’s mobile app is rich in function and offers exceptional levels of functionality while on the go for all user groups.
  • Arthur is integrated with Xero, so there’s no double entry and the integration allows data to move from Arthur to Xero and back again.
  • There are also no hidden fees involved and the extensive functionality with unlimited users and on unlimited devices comes with no extra charge.
  • Arthur also has import functionality which allows for property and tenancy data to be imported, saving both time and effort.
  • Arthur is also proud of its online help ad customer support system with one to one Skype tutorials to best service the needs of the customer.


Arthur’s services has something for everyone who is using their services:

  • For the property manager – Arthur’s unique dashboard will give property managers an up-to-date snapshot of what is going on in their portfolio.
  • For the tenants – Arthur allows access to all aspects of their tenancy including documentation and rental statements.
  • For the contractors – Arthur allows contractors the ability to track the work order’s they undertake to completion.
  • For the owners – Arthur allows access and uploads of documentation.
  • For the agents – Arthur allows access and uploading of documentation and shared viewings to keep any interested parties informed about the viewings.

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