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Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Uruguay Company Incorporation Services

Uruguay Company Incorporation Services
Nestled between major economies like Brazil and Argentina, Uruguay has a reputation for being a country with a democratic tradition, political and social stability. Fully integrating with Mercosur, the country has continued to grow and diversify its investment, and new laws have since come into effect which has made international investment in Uruguay a more attractive prospect. For entrepreneurs who are looking to set up a company in this region, 3E Accounting provides Uruguay company incorporation services to help you navigate through the requirements.

Why Do Business in Uruguay?
Before you decide to jump into setting up and incorporating a company in Uruguay, you may be wondering why you should consider doing business in this region. There are several benefits which await entrepreneurs who dive into this market, one of which being that the country has the highest internet, mobile and PC penetration rate in all Latin America. This means that safe, competitive, reliable and unbeatable logistics are waiting to be tapped into.

Despite its small size, Uruguay is home to approximately 3.4 million inhabitants, and it has proudly been at the forefront of several innovative reforms to date. For example, Uruguay ranks first among all the other Latin American countries when it comes to democracy, peace, press freedom, e-government and lack of corruption. It also has a unique culture, and the locals have a firm belief that anything is possible, which is the drive that has spurred to country to achieve many of its accomplishments that it has today.

Uruguay is also renowned for its excellent quality of life. The Economist ranked Uruguay Country of the Year in 2013, because of the country’s commitment and dedication when it came to personal rights and inclusion. The country is also home to many natives who speak high levels of English, making it a good place for international investors to consider company incorporation in Uruguay. Other advantages of doing business in this country include:

  • Software companies are eligible for tax exemption if they choose to export their products and services. Uruguay is the largest software exporter in the region, surpassing its neighbours Argentina and Brazil.Favorable legal systems which welcome foreign investment into the country. The investment climate does not discriminate against foreign investors.
  • Foreigners can buy, own and sell properties in the country with the same rights as the citizens do.
  • The National Agency for Investigation and Innovation is a state-run organization which hosts conferences and events for start-up companies, offering resources and support for all entrepreneurs.
  • Availability of high level software engineers who are paid a relatively low hourly rate compared to the US.

Uruguay company incorporation services like 3E Accounting are readily available for entrepreneurs who wish to start a business in this progressive country that is welcoming towards all start-up companies. Despite the slower pace of doing business compared to countries within the same region, like the US, the government is putting incentives in place to make entrepreneurship an even more enticing option, and maintain its excellent pro-business environment reputation.

Uruguay Company Incorporation Services


3E Accounting’s Uruguay Company Incorporation Services

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