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Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Spain Company Incorporation Services

Spain Company Incorporation Services One of the biggest consumer markets in the European Union lies in Spain, thanks to its population of about 47 million people. Many international companies have already established a base in this market to increase their investment and growth potential, and you could be the next potential investor to take a step forward for your business by getting your company incorporated in Spain.


Why Choose Spain?

Spain is the entry route into Latin America, and the size of the market alone reveals the enormous business potential that is just waiting for the right investor to take advantage of. Doing business in Spain is easy because English is accepted as a business language for easier communication.

Spain’s markets are strong and growing fast because of the highly efficient transportation systems available in addition to the competitive cost and rates to transport goods. Any business investor would tell you that it is all about the numbers, and the most competitive rates at the end of the day are going to hold the strongest appeal to those who are seeking to establish a new business venture.

Spain is also a member of the European Union and the World Trade Organisation, a testament to how well this market is doing.


Getting a Company Incorporated in Spain

Before you can get your company incorporated in Spain, you need to first get your company up and running. That begins with the first step of obtaining a unique name for the business and getting a certificate of uniqueness to show for it.

The Certification of Uniqueness of the company name can be requested and obtained through the Central Commercial Registry’s website. Once that is done, the investor would need to open a bank account to deposit the needed capital for the business. Once the deposit has been made, a deposit certificate needs to be acquired. Investors are advised to make the deposits directly to the bank and not via any third parties.

Investors would then proceed to file a Single Electronic Documents, also known as DUE, and make an appointment with a notary. This applies to all types of limited liability companies, irrespective of the share capital or the number of shareholders. A public deed will usually be granted by the notary within a week.

Payment of the municipal tax for urban services would then need to be paid before submitting the notification of what date the business is expected to commence operations. Only then can the submission of the notification for the start of operations be submitted to the Town Council.

And the final step in the process involves notifying the Ministry of Labour and Industry of operations. The corresponding autonomous community would need to be notified within the first 30 days of the start of the company activities and when the workplace officially opens.
Spain Company Incorporation Services


Spain Company Incorporation Services

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