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Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Peru Company Incorporation Services

Peru Company Incorporation Services
Booming economy and increased development backed by investment have turned Peru into a viable destination for offshore company formation. The country offers flexibility in corporate structure, capital investment, and business operations that makes it a top choice for investors and businesses worldwide. Let’s have a look at the type of corporate structures you can form and how 3E Accounting helps you with hassle free Peru company incorporation services.


Business Incorporation in Peru

Publicly held corporations (SAA), closely held corporations (SAC), joint stock ventures (SA), and limited liability companies (SRL) are the types of companies that can be incorporated. Branch offices, representative offices, and partnership agreements can also be reached.

An SAC is the most commonly sought after type of business structure as it offers 100% foreign ownership, no minimum capital investment, greater protection to shareholders and no government licensing fee. In order to incorporate an SAA, SAC, SA, or SRL, a minimum of two shareholders (individual or legal entity) and two directors of any nationality who may or may not reside in Peru are needed. In addition that, the shareholders must appoint a legal representative who holds a residency permit.



To incorporate in Peru, here are the steps:

  1. The first step is to find out if a desired company name is available by contacting the Peruvian Public Registry.
  2. Prepare the Minutes of Incorporation as part of the Incorporation Contract. This includes information pertaining to the owner(s), founders, purpose of incorporation, description of leadership positions, and bylaws.
  3. Once the Minutes of Incorporation has been signed by a lawyer, a current account on the company name must be opened with a local bank.
  4. The National Superintendence of Public Registries (SUNARP) will convert the minutes into public deed for documentation. SUNARP will then grant the registered tax status to the business following verification.
  5. After receiving registered tax status, the company will formalize statutory books by authorizing payroll book from the Ministry of Labor and Promotion of Employment.
  6. The company will obtain the municipal Operational License available for industrial, commercial, professional, and service activities. A Technical Safety inspection will be conducted by National Institute of Civil Defense in order to provide the Certificate of Safety.

Note that all documentation will have to be prepared in Spanish along with English translations from a certified source.


How 3E Accounting Helps

3E Accounting specializes in Peru company incorporation services to help individuals and entities leverage on flexible business infrastructure. We handle everything from the time you check for availability of company names to starting business operations in Peru. This gives you a seamless experience of having partial or 100% foreign ownership with complete peace of mind.

Peru Company Incorporation Services


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3E Accounting understands that your needs for Peru company incorporation services will be different from other investors and/or businesses. That is why we provide a complete suite of services from consultation that helps you identify what structure will best suit your needs to assistance in each and every step of incorporation. Contact us today and learn more on how we can help!