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Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Argentina Company Incorporation Services

Argentina Company Incorporation Services Argentina is an emerging market with diversified industry and high rate of literacy which translates to a large pool of specialized and non-specialized workforce. These reasons, along with the fact that the Argentine government incentivizes foreign investment, encourages foreign investors and companies to open offshore entities in the country.


Business Incorporation in Argentina

There are five types of company structures that foreign investors and companies can choose when incorporating in Argentina.

Stock Corporation – This is a limited liability structure that only requires one shareholder (individual or legal entity) and three directors where one of the directors must be a permanent resident of the country. Stock corporations open their corporate bank account at Banco Santander.

Limited Liability Company – Sociedad Limitada is a preferred corporate structure with two shareholders (individuals or legal entity) and three directors of whom at least one has to be a permanent resident of Argentina. LLC open their corporate bank account with HSBC Argentina.

Free Zone Company – Similar to LLC, this structure requires two shareholders and three directors for incorporation. Free zone companies are entitled to tax exemptions for all operations within the country. A free zone company opens its bank account with BBVA Argentina.

Fast Solution – This is the quickest way to incorporate an LLC and allows the business to engage in trading activity just after two weeks. In terms of ownership structure, it is similar to limited liability company with Citibank Argentina as the location of the corporate bank account.

Branch Office – No capital investment is required to open a branch account in Argentina. However, this structure is not typically preferred by investors and companies due to the liability. In order to open a branch office, a company has to maintain its corporate account with Banco Marco.



Compared to other countries, Argentina has a relatively time consuming, yet straightforward process of incorporation:

  1. Verification of the company name with Office of Corporations.
  2. Certify the signatures of all partners with notary public.
  3. Deposit the initial capital in the National Bank and getting proof of payment.
  4. Publishing the company notice in the Official Gazette (official newspaper). Three services are provided that take from 24 hours to 72 hours.
  5. Paying the incorporation fee.
  6. Registration of company with Public Register of Commerce of the City of Buenos Aires.
  7. Buying special (accounting) books
  8. Getting the form for submitting company books from Public Notaries College. The notary will submit the books to the Office of Corporations for rubricating from General Inspection of Justice.
  9. The Manager must then obtain the Fiscal Code from the National Tax Office.
  10. Getting the tax identification number from National Tax Office and registering for social security.
  11. Registration for turnover tax at the local municipal office in Buenos Aires.
  12. Registration of labor with Unified System of Labor Registration.
  13. Getting insurance for employees with labor risk company.
  14. Rubricating Company Books with the Ministry of Labor.


How 3E Accounting Helps

The lengthy process of incorporation, in addition to bureaucratic hurdles and legal challenges, can be overwhelming. That’s why 3E Accounting provides complete assistance and support that gives you a hassle free experience and enables you to leverage on the economy, investment incentives, and labor market of Argentina.

Argentina Company Incorporation Services


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