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Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Vanuatu Company Incorporation Services

Vanuatu Company Incorporation Services
Exploring the Business Opportunities Vanuatu Offers

Vanuatu, a pure haven for taxes for both corporations and individuals. That’s one of the many reasons why investors seek out Vanuatu Company Incorporation Services.

83 islands. A population of 195,000 approximately. Vanuatu is unlike any other, and the taxes are not the only thing luring investors to its shores. Companies established in Vanuatu are governed by English Common Law and the Companies Act. With no restrictions on trading with residents and leasing the local property, Vanuatu offers investors a friendly business environment.

Here are some of the reasons why 3E Accounting is a strong advocate of our Vanuatu Company Incorporation Services:


Appealing Tax System

There is no individual income tax, no dividend distribution tax, no capital gains tax, no corporate tax levy, and no estate or inheritance taxes either. Investors will also be pleased to know that in Vanuatu, they don’t have to worry about foreign exchange controls.

Only VAT taxes of 12.5% are applicable in the country, along with custom and stamp duties. Certain industries like manufacturing and tourism also enjoy certain tax exemptions.


Speedy Incorporation Process

With 3E Accounting’s Vanuatu Company Incorporation Services, your company can be set up within 3-days or less. You don’t need to be physically present either as we can do it all for you.


Very Minimal Bureaucracy

Less bureaucracy means less paperwork involved, and what business doesn’t want less paperwork to deal with, right? Less paperwork means you have more time to focus on running and building your business. The more you can focus your energy on where it counts the most, the better your chances of success.


Business Friendly Government

The Government of Vanuatu is a supporter of foreign investment. In fact, they welcome it with open arms, even implementing initiatives that speed up and streamline the business process. In other words, the government does what it can to ensure your business setup is as efficient as possible. There is a push for more investment in certain industries like forestry, tourism, fishing, agriculture, and timber.


Inexpensive Labour

A business will find all the talent they need in the local, inexpensive workforce. With the minimum wage starting at approximately $260, doing business in Vanuatu is very affordable indeed.

Vanuatu Company Incorporation Services


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