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Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Republic of Kosovo Company Incorporation Services

Why Investors Should Consider Expanding Into the Republic of Kosovo

Republic of Kosovo Company Incorporation Services
A fast-growing and robust economy, there are plenty of reasons as to why the Republic of Kosovo Company Incorporation Services are growing in demand.

As a business, you’re wondering what benefits are in store for you. That is the natural first question any business owner would ask. Why incorporate in a foreign country, and what benefits await? Here are several advantages for those who choose to incorporate in the Republic of Kosovo:


Internationally Welcoming

The Republic of Kosovo is very welcoming and oriented towards the international scene. English or German is the most commonly spoken languages, given the large diaspora of the Kosovars. 


Stable Financial System

The strong macroeconomic environment has contributed significantly to the sound financial system currently in place. As a nation, the Republic of Kosovo has made significant progress over the years, especially where infrastructure is concerned.

The strong financial system is exactly what every investor needs to trade with peace of mind. Although it is not a member of the Eurozone, Kosovo still uses the Euro as its local currency.


Low Tax Regimes

Compared to its neighbouring countries like Central Asia and Europe, the Republic of Kosovo’s tax regime is low. This is enough to get investors to consider setting up something on its shores when the tax rate for corporate income is only 10%.


Opportunities in Lucrative Sectors

Foreign investors will be pleased to know that there are good investment opportunities that await, especially in certain lucrative sectors like Information, Communication and Technology (ICT), construction, energy and more.


The Bilateral Trade Agreements

Kosovo has several bilateral trade agreements with a few countries. This is part of its initiative to boost foreign investment while simultaneously protecting its investors. These countries include Belgium, Qatar, Macedonia, Turkey and the United States.


Incorporate in the Republic of Kosovo with 3E Accounting

For years, 3E Accounting has had an immensely successful track record of helping companies navigate the incorporation process abroad. Equipped with insight, first-hand knowledge and experience, you’ll find no better team to guide you through the process. Our Republic of Kosovo Company Incorporation Services will handle the process from start to finish. Worried about incorporating abroad? You don’t have to be with us.

For more information on our incorporation services and more, contact the 3E Accounting team today.

Republic of Kosovo Company Incorporation Services