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Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Mozambique Company Incorporation Services

Mozambique Company Incorporation Services
Mozambique is a country located in Southeast Africa that borders Malawi, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania and South Africa. Located along the Indian Ocean coastline, it is also 2,500 kilometres east of Madagascar. The country is abundant in natural resources such as graphite, iron, titanium while holding some of the world’s largest untapped coal deposits. Anyone can start Mozambique company incorporation because the country has a lot of opportunities to offer.

The discovery of various gas reserves in the last decade have also attracted the attention of major gas companies around the world, leading to a projected economic boom once production has been fully developed. There is thus immense investment potential as it is set to be one of the world’s next great energy superpower, albeit it has a high-risk, high-reward scenario due to its still-developing economy.


The Process of Mozambique Company Incorporation

The most commonly used Mozambique company incorporation structure is a limited liability company. Other options include establishing a public limited company and setting up a branch office or representative office.

The requirements for operating a business and Mozambique company incorporation govern at the national level by the Commercial Code (Decree 2/2005 of December 27). It takes around 10 procedures and an average of 17 days to complete the process of starting a business in Maputo City, which is also the capital city.

Three preregistration procedures are required for Mozambique company incorporation:

  • Reserving the company name by obtaining a certificate of name reservation,
  • Validating the signatures on the company deed,
  • Opening a bank account and paying registration fees.

The company then needs to be legally registered with the official company registry (Conservatória do Registo de Entidades Legais or CREL) and publish the articles of association in the official gazette (Boletim da República).

Post-registration procedures include:

  • Registering for taxes and obtaining a unique tax identification number (NUIT)
  • Applying for a simplified operating license
  • Declaring the commencement of operations
  • Employee registration

Mozambique Company Incorporation Services


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