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Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Moldova Company Incorporation Services

Moldova Company Incorporation Services With no restrictions on foreign investment and a host of other benefits, Moldova Company Incorporation Services have caught the eye of many investors.

With a minimum of one director and one shareholder, a limited liability company can be set up in Moldova. A Moldova company director can be of any nationality, and the same applies to the shareholder too. With our Moldova Company Incorporation Services, it’s easier than ever to begin your new business venture. Why set up a business in Moldova? Because of the following benefits:

  • Low corporate tax rate of 12%
  • US$300 minimum paid-up capital
  • Double tax avoidance treaties with 48 countries
  • A skilled local workforce that is multilingual
  • Low cost of employment, with the minimum wage as low as $US96 per month
  • No restrictions on foreign investments
  • Also, no restrictions on foreign currency exchange control
  • No restrictions on capital exports and imports
  • Great jurisdiction for food processing, agriculture, input supply and other related industries


Benefits of Investors

If an investor were to invest in Moldova’s free economic zone, they would stand to gain the following tax benefits and incentives:

  • Income earned from the export of goods that originate from the Free Economic Zone enjoy 50% corporate tax deduction
  • All other income enjoys a 25% corporate tax reduction rate
  • Also, profits from goods exported from the Free Economic Zone enjoy 3-year tax exemptions (with a US$1 million minimum investment)
  • Profits from goods exported from the Free Economic Zone enjoy 5-year tax exemptions (with a US$5 million minimum investment).

Our Moldova Company Incorporation Services will also take care of everything you need from start to finish. To register a company in Moldova, these are the documents we need from you:

  • Proposed name of your business.
  • Identification documents of the founders and representatives
  • Prepare the incorporation documents. Articles of Association must be drafted and edited. All details of the company’s particulars must be accurate.
  • Some additional documents may be required. This also includes certification of the company’s statutory documents and signature of the company’s founders.
  • Information regarding the paid-up capital (US$300).

Moldova Company Incorporation Services


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Why choose 3E Accounting for your Moldova Company Incorporation Services? Because our insight and experience are invaluable. For a smooth incorporation process, you need someone who knows what they’re doing. That’s us. Then, let our partners take care of your Moldova company incorporation needs.

An investor should also focus their attention on the strategic aspects of launching a new business. Then, let us focus on the company setup while you focus on the big picture.

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