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Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Mauritius Company Incorporation Services


Be Among Thousands of Offshore Entities Successfully Established in Mauritius

Mauritius Company Incorporation Services If you are in search of a fruitful offshore business opportunity, choose Mauritius. Mauritius is located in the Indian Ocean and is an Independent Commonwealth country that has developed a strong reputation in the world for being a highly resourceful offshore jurisdiction. This country has a strong economic environment that is ideal for businesses to achieve unprecedented growth.

Mauritius is also popular for its safe and secure business environment, which is why many foreign companies choose to open their offices in the country. The Board of Investment led by the Mauritian Government welcomes a majority of foreign investors with open arms. However, due to the increased competition and demand of Mauritius as an offshore investment hub, the government has tightened its policies for businesses.


Form GBC1 and GBC2 Companies with Ease

Mauritius is an ideal country to start a business venture. Although the registration process is pretty straightforward, the government conducts thorough research and investigation before approving any company. The reason that the process is a little tricky is due to the laws placed by the government to avoid money laundering and other illegal activities. This makes Mauritius a highly reputable market to invest in.

When it comes to starting a company, you must know that there are two ways of going with it. You can either choose a GBC1 Company, which is also known as a resident company, or a GBC2 Company, which is an offshore company. The structuring of a company is crucial as it plays a major role in determining your taxes, profits, and all other costs. If you choose the right type of structure based on your company’s operations and formation, you can make the most of Mauritius’s low cost and tax efficient system.


Make Use of Certified Mauritius Company Incorporation Services

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Our qualified Mauritius company incorporation services’ professionals are highly talented and can take care of your entire business for you. From accounting to taxes and much more, we ensure that your company is running smoothly in Mauritius.

Mauritius Company Incorporation Services


Enjoy Low Tax Costs by Setting Up a Company in Mauritius

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