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Malta Company Incorporation Services

Malta Company Incorporation ServicesConsidered to have the most favorable business legislation and tax systems for investors in Europe, Malta offers some of the most lucrative opportunities to entrepreneurs and enterprises. With its low corporate and personal income tax rates, highly skilled workforce, and lenient licensing requirements, the country has become a major economic hub and attracted a large number of business owners and investors over the past few years.

If you’re planning to set up your own company in Malta, you will need legal assistance of an expert who can help you understand the business legislation and tax systems and assist you in incorporating your own enterprise in this business-friendly country. At 3E Accounting, we make the process of owning and operating a business in Malta simpler and quicker for you with our Malta Company Incorporation Services.


Why Incorporate a Company in Malta?

In contrast to other European countries, Malta is an investor-friendly jurisdiction that aims to make things simpler and easier for investors that wish to incorporate and register a new company in the country.

Incorporating a company in Malta offers you the following advantages:

Quick and Affordable Incorporation Process — Depending on the business structure, a company can be incorporated as early as just two days from the receipt of the complete incorporation documentation.Theregistration fee charged by the authorities is also quite reasonable which makes it easier for SMEs to get themselves registered and operate their business in a lawful manner.

Favorable Tax Rates — Malta has one of the most favorable taxation systems in the European Union with an effective corporate tax rate as low as 0-5%. This makes a premier business center for investors that aim to earn a high return on their investment.


How Does the Process Work?

3E Accounting helps you make optimal use of Malta’s well-regulated but business-friendly system with its Malta Company Incorporation Services. Our experts help you determine the best business structure based on your precise strategic objectives and your financial obligations and guide you through the process of incorporating a company in Malta.

Sole trader and private limited liability company (LLC) remain the two most commonly used types of business structure in Malta. While setting up a business as a sole trader is easier, unlimited liability remain the major disadvantage, causing investors to incorporate a private limited liability company.

The process of setting up an LLC involves the following steps:
1. Choosing and verifying the company name
2. Depositing the minimum paid-in capital
3. Registering the company
4. Paying incorporation and annual fee to the Registry of Companies
5. Obtaining a trade license and a tax identification number (TIN)
6. Registering for VAT
7. Obtaining an employer identification number and registering employees


Explore New Opportunities in Malta

At 3E Accounting, we are dedicated to help our clients gain the confidence they need to own and operate a business in Malta. With our Malta Company Incorporation Services, we improve aspects of your business and help you create greater value for your clients and employees by enabling you to operate your business in a compliant manner.

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