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Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Luxembourg Company Incorporation Services

Luxembourg Company Incorporation ServicesLuxembourg is a productive business destination when it comes to investments and also allows non-nationals to quickly implement companies like general partnerships, cooperative companies, joint-stock companies and limited liability companies. Most people residing in Grand Duchy of Luxembourg prefer the Luxembourg company incorporation of SARL (limited liability companies) as the minimum share capital that is required to have it established is EUR 12,500.


Luxembourg Company Incorporation – How to Register

If your incorporated company is new, you must ensure that it is registered with the Luxembourg Trade and Companies Register. To do this, you are required to submit your company’s articles of association to the registrar. This is mandatory for all legal entities. Should there be any subsequent changes or amendments to the Articles of Association, you must have the changes published in the register. Also, when a company’s deeds have been registered without the aid of a notary, the deeds must be deposited to the register so that they are published. The publication should be within a month of the signature’s date. On the other hand, if the company’s incorporation was done with the help of a notary, the notary will be the one to submit the required documents. You can find the fees needed to be paid online.


Steps to Take for Luxembourg Company Incorporation

The Luxembourg company incorporation process does not consume a lot of time and is also less bureaucratic. These listed company incorporation stages will help foreigners to understand the entire process better.

  • Get name verification performed at Trade Register.
  • Draft and also submit articles of association to authorities.
  • Submit minimum share capital to a bank account in Luxembourg
  • Apply for permits and licenses before beginning any activities;
  • Get an incorporation certificate then register for VAT.

Having your company registered in Luxembourg takes a few days, i.e. after all documents have been confirmed and accepted. Instead of having to handle all these time-consuming formalities, you can consult Luxembourg company incorporation agents.

Luxembourg Company Incorporation Services


Shelf Company Registration in Luxembourg

If you are in Luxembourg and are wondering whether you can register a shelf company, you will not need to. This is because this type of company structure is registered with the Luxembourg authorities in charge. Shelf life companies are those companies that have already been made and are kept on a shelf until they age. They are then purchased by local or foreign investors. Those who have an interest in that specific market in a fast way without the need for the incorporation process. If you are that type of entrepreneur, a shelf company will suit you best.

There is some information you can access online regarding Luxembourg company incorporation and without costing you. Necessary information regarding legal entities includes registered address, date of company incorporation, company registration number given by a trade register and the company name and business form. If you wish to know more about a company, you will have to pay extra fees for information like company directors or shareholders, financial reports and other data available to the public. As such, you will need to know the company’s registration number and name.

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