Ease of Doing Business With Jordan Company Incorporation Services

Jordan Company Incorporation ServicesHaving local expertise will go a long way when considering Jordan as your next business expansion plan. At 3E Accounting, we can offer Jordan company incorporation services. Our extensive services and expertise in Jordan’s local law assure you that your business expansion plan is in good hands.


Why Do You Need A Local Expert

Here are some reasons why partnering with a Jordan company incorporation services will suit you well:

Challenging Jordanian Companies Law

The Jordanian Companies Law undergoes constant updates, a local expert in corporate law would be particularly helpful when assisting company incorporation.

Company Incorporation Documents in Arabic

All documentation to set up your business in Jordan must be translated into Arabic. A local corporate business expert can help you with it.


Jordan Company Incorporation Services

Our company incorporation service provider offers the following from the moment you engage us:

Company Initiation

We will advise you on deciding your best company structure. In Jordan, the company structures available for registration are limited liability company, public liability company, private shareholding company, branch offices and representative office.

Besides this, our local experts will also advise on your company name. To date, all company names must be written in the Arabic alphabet. In Jordan, your company name will be featured in both English and Arabic. Fret not, we have an expert liaison to ensure your company name can be written to suit the local language pronunciation.

Preparing Vital Documentation

Our team of legal and corporate advisors will help draft the necessary documents pertaining to your business needs. We will walk you through each document to ensure you understand why they are needed and what makes them comply with the Jordan Companies Law.

After completing the draft, we will have you review the documents and approve them so we could apply to register your company. We would also liaise with your preferred bank in Jordan to help open a corporate bank account to conduct business. Once we receive the proof of share capital deposit, we are on track to submit for company registration.

Submission for Company Registration

We will submit the completed application to the Companies Control Department. Upon receiving the company registration certificate, your company is now a legal entity in Jordan.

Post-Registration Assistance

As a legal business entity, your company must register for a tax identification number (TIN). We will further assist in obtaining the TIN for your company. If your company hires employees, we will help register the company with Social Security Authority.


Duration To Completion

As the Jordan Companies Law allows several types of company structures, the average time period for each type varies. The following is a general guide of how long it takes to incorporate a company in Jordan:

Type of company Incorporation duration
Limited Liability Company (LLC) 8-12 weeks
Private Shareholding Company (PSC) 12-16 weeks
Public Shareholding Company (PLC) 16-20 weeks
Branch of a foreign company 12-16 weeks
Representative office of a foreign company 8-12 weeks


Expert Assistance in Jordan

Incorporating a business in Jordan can be demanding. However, using expert Jordan company incorporation services, like 3E Accounting, can speed up the procedure, giving business owners peace of mind and allowing them to concentrate on expanding their enterprises.

Jordan Company Incorporation Services