All You Need to Know About Estonia Company Incorporation Services

Estonia Company Incorporation Services With its business-friendly policies, advanced digital infrastructure, and supportive ecosystem, Estonia offers a range of benefits for international investors. 3E Accounting offers Estonia company incorporation services to assist busy entrepreneurs with the company setup. This will enable entrepreneurs to commence their business in Estonia when it is ready to do so.

Let’s get to the details of an Estonia company incorporation services to suit your business needs.


The Estonia Advantages

Here are some key advantages of incorporating a company in Estonia:

Quick and Efficient Process

The company incorporation process in Estonia is known for its efficiency and simplicity. They have made it possible through online services, reducing the need for physical presence and paperwork. The average time it takes to incorporate a company is one week.

Low Corporate Tax

Estonia taxes companies on distributed profits, providing significant tax advantages, especially for reinvesting profits or expanding operations. The corporate tax rate in Estonia is 20%.

Access to European Union (EU) Market

As an EU member state, Estonia offers businesses unrestricted access to the EU market, enabling them to trade freely with other member countries.


Estonia Company Incorporation Services

With 3E Accounting’s company incorporation services, we offer the following assistance:

Consultation and Guidance

Our expert consultants can provide tailored advice based on your business needs. We will help you understand the incorporation process, the legal requirements and the suitable company structure for your business objectives.

Document Preparation and Filing

Our incorporation service providers will assist in preparing all the necessary documentation, such as articles of association, shareholder agreements, and registration forms. We will ensure accuracy and compliance with local laws before submitting them to the relevant authorities.

Registered Office and Local Director

We also offer registered office addresses and local directors to meet the legal requirement of having a local presence. Entrepreneurs who do not reside in Estonia will find this service particularly helpful.

Banking and Financial Services

As an incorporation service provider, 3E Accounting collaborates with Estonian banks to facilitate the opening of business bank accounts. We will guide you through the process and assist in fulfilling the banking requirements.

Ongoing Compliance Support

After company incorporation, we continue to assist with ongoing compliance requirements, such as annual reporting, tax filings, and legal updates, ensuring that your company remains in good standing.


Process Duration

As you can incorporate several types of companies in Estonia, the duration to complete each type of company structure varies from one to the other. The following is the average company incorporation duration for each company structure:

Type of company Incorporation duration
Private limited company (OÜ) 1-2 working days (online with e-Residency) or 5-10 working days (in person or by power of attorney)
Public limited company (AS) 5-10 working days
Cooperative (Ühistu) 5-10 working days
Foundation ( sihtasutus) 5-10 working days
Association (ühendus) 5-10 working days

Hence, you have an idea of how soon you need to begin the process.


Committed To A Pleasant Estonian Business Journey

If you’re considering establishing your business in Europe, Estonia company incorporation services with 3E Accounting could be the gateway to your success. By leveraging the expertise of professional service providers, you can navigate the incorporation process efficiently, saving time and ensuring compliance with local regulations.

Estonia Company Incorporation Services