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Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your El Salvador Company Incorporation Services

El Salvador Company Incorporation Services
El Salvador may not be the first country that pops into your mind when you think about starting a business, but that is about to change. However, being strategically located between both North and South America, and its free economy which is export-oriented has certainly helped boost the country’s reputation as a prime location for El Salvador company incorporation.

The country has certainly undergone much change over the last two decades. It has proven itself to have macroeconomic stability, especially with the US dollar as it’s legal tender. It also has adopted an open approach to global investment and trade to encourage foreigners to incorporate a company in El Salvador. Democracy, political stability and more are just some of the many reasons why you should consider doing business here. Any El Salvador company incorporation services agents can provide assistance with the process are just some of the main questions which will be on the mind of every investor.

This guide is here to answer your questions. When it comes to El Salvador company incorporation services, 3E Accounting has the years of experience and knowledge to guide you through the process. Our team of professional experts are dedicated to providing optimum El Salvador company incorporation services to make the process as hassle free as possible for your convenience.


Why Do Business in El Salvador?

If you are thinking about El Salvador company incorporation, here is what you will stand to benefit from:

  • Free Trade Zone Perks
    El Salvador has free zones setup which allow foreign investors to setup manufacturing companies that will be free from being taxed on their corporate income. They is no imposed VAT tax on the products which are being sold overseas. There are no restrictions imposed on foreign-trade operations or on foreign currency transactions in the country.
  • It Is Easy to Form a Company
    With two shareholders, appointing at least one of them as the director, you can easily incorporate your company in El Salvador. However, if you have two or more shareholders in the company, the one that you appoint as the director should be locally resident in the country.
  • Access to El Salvador’s Ports
    Acajutla and La Union ports are the two ports of El Salvador which are accessible via the Pacific Ocean. Additionally, there is also the Cortes Port in Honduras and the Santo Tomas de Castilla port in Guatemala, both of which are accessible via the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Bi-Lateral Commercial Relationship
    El Salvador has formed strong bilateral commercial trade ties with the U.S, making the US it’s current leading trade partner, which is good news for businesses who intend to conquer the US market.
  • US Dollar as Legal Tender
    El Salvador uses US dollar as the local currency, which makes it easy for investors to conduct trade and business. This not only makes conducting business transactions in El Salvador easy, but secure as well.
  • A Growing Leader
    El Salvador is also home to a steady, growing market for US goods and services, and thanks to the CAFTA-Dr free trade agreement, US-based companies have the potential to increase their exports not just to El Salvador, but the rest of Central America too.
  • Affordable Minimum Paid-up Capital
    The minimum paid-up capital required for an investor to start a business is only the equivalent of US$100.


We Understand What You Need

In 3E Accounting, we understand your need and challenges you faced in setting up business in El Salvador. There are lots of procedure and requirements in registering a new company in El Salvador. That is why we are here to provide you help and support. At 3E Accounting, we have a strong professional team ready to give their expertise to clients in order to make their business venture successful.

El Salvador Company Incorporation Services

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