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Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Chile Company Incorporation Services

Chile Company Incorporation Services Chile is a high income country and considered as one of the best economies in South America. In fact, Chile leads Latin America in income per capita, economic freedom, competitive marketplace, and investment opportunities. Needless to say, offshore company formation in Chile poses an amazing opportunity to investors and companies. Let’s take a look at the type of foreign owned companies you can establish and how 3E Accounting delivers Chile company incorporation services.


Business Incorporation in Chile

Under the Chilean law, any foreign owned company must appoint a legal representative who lives in the country. Here are the three common incorporation structures foreign investors and companies commonly go for in Chile:

Joint Stock Company (SA) – This structure allows company to have shareholders and directors of any nationality. No minimum capital investment is required and at least one of the legal representatives of the company must be based in Chile (permanent resident).

Limited Liability Company (SRL) – This structure allows two or more individuals to run a foreign owned entity where shareholders can be of any nationality. No minimum capital investment is required and at least one of the legal representatives must have a permanent residency in Chile.

Single Member Limited Liability Company – This structure can be formed by one individual with the administration carried out by the owner (third party delegation is allowed). In this structure, the company name should carry the owner name.



The process of company registration and incorporation in Chile is straightforward and is as follows:

  1. An investor must first draft the statutes of company online and get the authentication number from the Notary by visiting
  2. The certification (along with digital signature) from the notary for the statutes of company is also obtained online from the Commercial Registry at no cost.
  3. The notice of initiation of activities must be issued to the Internal Revenue Service by visiting
  4. Following the Chilean IRS format, the receipts and invoices must be printed by a printing company and stamped by the IRS.
  5. The seal of documentation such as accounting books and invoices is necessary only for non-electronic invoices.
  6. Obtain the working license (Patente Municipal) from the relevant municipality relating to industrial, commercial, professional, and service industries. This is followed by registering for accident insurance related to labor at one of the three private mutual funds.


How 3E Accounting Helps

While the process of incorporation in Chile is straightforward, it can be time consuming and failing to meet the legal requirements will hamper your progress. This is where 3E Accounting provides specialized Chile company incorporation services to help your business establish and find its feet in Chile and leverage from its competitive marketplace and economic incentives.

Chile Company Incorporation Services


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