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Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Cayman Islands Company Incorporation Services

Cayman Islands Company Incorporation Services
Business incorporation in Cayman Islands has many advantages as the country’s jurisdiction offers competitive incentives to incorporate and operate in Cayman Islands as an offshore entity. Thanks to its tax-neutral and well regulated business environment, many foreign investors consider it as one of the best places in the world to run a foreign owned company. Let’s take a look at the requirements and procedures of incorporation and how 3E Accounting helps you with fast and smooth Cayman Islands company incorporation services.


Business Incorporation in Cayman Islands

The type of company you choose to incorporate will largely depend on your needs.

General Partnerships – This structure is suitable for foreign investors who do not reside in the Cayman Islands and will have limited partnership rights. This option will limit the owner from participating in business management. The share in profits and withdrawal of capital is also restricted.

Exempted Partnerships – This structure has been available since 2014 after the Cayman Islands Exempted Limited Partnership Law was passed. It allows greater flexibility in management, share of profits, and capital withdrawal following incorporation of a limited partnership.

Limited Liability Company – This is one of the fastest and more streamlined types of company structure in Cayman Islands. An LLC protects the foreign owner from incurring liabilities and enables them to distribute profits via dividends and transfer ownership by the issuance and sale of shares.

Overseas Branches – A company can establish an overseas office/branch in Cayman Islands by setting up an office, engaging in business in the Cayman Islands, or owning real estate in the territory. A company in this case will register as a foreign company and may be subject to local licensing.

Investment Firms – Cayman Islands offers attractive investment opportunities to hedge funds and investment firms, and is currently the largest centre for investment funds in the world. Such a company can choose to operate as open-ended fund or close ended fund.

Free Zone Company – The Cayman Enterprise City and Cayman Islands Special Economic Zone (SEZ) enable 100% foreign ownership with 0% corporate, sales, income, and capital tax. A give year residence visa or work permit can be acquired in just 5 days and typically no government reporting is required.



A major reason why many companies choose to incorporate in Cayman Islands is because the process is streamlined.

  1. Company incorporation in Cayman Islands starts with contacting the Registrar of Companies and finding out the availability of the company name.
  2. If available the memorandum, articles of association along with the cover letter are to be submitted to the Cayman Islands government with two copies of filing fee.
  3. Partnerships and LLCs must be registered with Registrar of Limited Partnerships.


How 3E Accounting Helps

Choosing the right corporate structure, filing for documentation, and completing the legal requirements of incorporation can be time consuming and difficult. Let 3E Accounting help you choose the ideal corporate structure for your offshore business and sail you through the entire process of incorporation without a hassle. With our Cayman Islands company incorporation services, your offshore company will be up and running within a matter of days.

Cayman Islands Company Incorporation Services


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Different investors and companies will have different needs and incentives to incorporate in Cayman Islands. This is where our expert consultancy and professional assistance can help. Get in touch with us today and let us help you make your foreign investment worthwhile!