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Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Bhutan Company Incorporation Services

Register Your Company in Bhutan

Bhutan Company Incorporation Services Want to establish a company in Bhutan when you live somewhere else? Starting companies in other jurisdiction might seem like a troubling process, but with 3E Accounting, you can rest assured that all the matters have been taken care of without causing you any hassle.

3E Accounting is a company that helps businessmen/businesswomen achieve their goals of setting up an offshore company in Bhutan by assisting them in the registration process. We believe in promoting business growth in positive economical countries by helping you create your dream company from the comfort of your home.


Smoothly Set-Up A New Company in Bhutan

Setting up a company in Bhutan was never this easy! At 3E Accounting, we offer business-minded individuals a chance to establish businesses in Bhutan. We have made company registration a breeze for all those living outside of Bhutan. There is high potential for businesses to thrive in Bhutan’s booming economy, which is why we offer Bhutan company incorporation services to our clients.

Starting a company in Bhutan will allow you to expand your business portfolio and earn massive. We ensure maximum satisfaction and on-time delivery of service, making you feel relaxed all along.


Swift and Reliable Bhutan Company Incorporation Services

When it comes to starting a company in an outside location, it is important to get hold of all the legal knowledge available. However, getting a hold of the extensive information and understanding all the paperwork is not an easy task. That’s the reason we are offering you a chance to get rid of all the hassle by reaching out to 3E Accounting.

We offer a complete range of Bhutan company incorporation services that are certified by the Ministry of Trade and Industry, the leading authority that approves offshore investment applications in Bhutan. At 3E Accounting, we make registering a company in Bhutan extremely easy and smooth. We offer assistance with the following procedures:

  • Security Clearance Certificate (SCC) from the Royal Bhutan Police
  • Project approval by the Industrial Department Division (IDD) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs
  • Company registration at the Office of the Registrar
  • Business license from the Regional Trade and Industry Office
  • BIC number
  • Company seal
  • Bank account

Bhutan Company Incorporation Services

We have a team of professionals who will look after every aspect of your business in Bhutan. From managing accounts to looking after taxes, we will do it all to ensure that your company is running in a legal manner. Get in touch with us today.