Beginner’s Guide on Antigua Company Incorporation Services

Antigua Company Incorporation Services Antigua is well known for being a financial centre and a tax haven in the Eastern Caribbean and is thus an ideal jurisdiction for the formation of offshore companies. The country’s legal system is based on English common law (the legal framework of this jurisdiction), while the IBC (International Business Company) Act 1982 (amended 2018) and LLC (Limited Liability Company) Act 2000 govern Antigua company incorporation services.

The International Financial Sector Authority (IFSA) oversees IBC regulation in this country. Furthermore, you’ll need a registered agent to complete the process. That’s where our Antigua company incorporation services come in; we have an expert team to assist you and make the transition as smooth as possible.


Types of Companies in Antigua

Antiguan law allows for the formation of the following types of companies:

International Business Corporation (IBC)

International Business Corporation (IBC) is incorporated under the International Business Corporation Act (IBCA) and formed for the purpose of conducting trade or business from Antigua. IBCs may be non-licensable, such as holding, personal investment, and others, or licenced, such as offshore banking, with a minimum capital requirement of USD 5,000,000; international insurance or Internet gaming.

International Limited Liability Company (ILLC)

ILLC is an entity formed under the International Limited Liability Companies Act (ILLCA) for any lawful business or other purpose, including professional services rendered by the company’s agents, or managers. In Antigua, ILLC are exempt from a variety of taxes.

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

An LLC is a domestic private or public company formed for the purpose of conducting a trade or business for profit in or from Antigua.

You can also open a non-profit corporation, which is a private corporation with no share capital.


Registration Requirements and Steps

The following lists outline the incorporation stage of company formation in Antigua, as well as the International Business Corporation registration stage:

Company Formation

  • Find and register a business name
  • Fill out the Business Registration form
  • Request a statement of particulars
  • Collect filed documents from the Antigua and Barbuda Intellectual Property and Commerce Office (ABIPCO)
  • Register for business and statutory deductions
  • If the application is approved, the company will receive a Business Name Registration Certificate.

IBC Registration

  • To begin the IBC application process, two company representatives who are both citizens and residents of Antigua are required. At least one of those representatives should be an attorney
  • Submit all signed articles of incorporation
  • Draft and submit a Memorandum of Association (MOA)
  • Provide the names of the company’s directors
  • Provide all details about the company’s official address overseas
  • Submit an application for an International Business Charter


Looking to Start a Business in Antigua?

3E Accounting offers Antigua company incorporation services. Feel free to contact us today- we have a team of specialists ready to assist you with your company incorporation needs. As a corporate service provider, we provide these services to ensure smooth sailing when incorporating your company in Antigua.

Antigua Company Incorporation Services