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Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Algeria Company Incorporation Services

Company incorporation in Algeria typically takes 18 days and require twelve steps to be completed.


The Twelve Main Steps Are:

First, Obtain a Company Name

Algeria Company Incorporation Services To start the company incorporation in Algeria, applicants must obtain a company name. This can be done at the Centre National du Commerce (CNRC) or The Commercial Registry. The applicant is also required to list 4 proposed company names and pay the fees for the search.

After the name has been checked and approved, a certificate will usually be issued on the same day.

Then, Deposit the Start-up Capital at the Bank

The applicant company must deposit the start-up capital with a bank and obtain a deposit certificate after doing so. This is expected to take 1 day and involves no charges.

In addition, Obtain and Notarize the Birth Certificate of the Business Manager

The birth certificate of the business manager must be obtained and notarized at the Municipality. This will take 1 day.

Notarize the Company Deeds and Submit a Specimen of Managers’ Signatures and a Lease for the Registered Office

Applicant companies must complete the following procedures with a notary at the Notary Office:

  • Draw up and notarize the company’s constitution documents,
  • Submit a specimen of managers’ signatures,
  • Prepare and submit the lease for the registered office of the company

Notary fees will differ according to the amount of capital the company has.

Then, Publish a Notice of Company Incorporation at the Legal Journal

A notice of the Algeria company incorporation must be published at the Official Bulletin of Legal Announcements (BOAL). Although there is an online option, the majority of applicants still prefer to go in person.

Apply for Company Registration at the Commercial Registry

Applicant companies must register the company at the Commercial Registry within two months of the formation of the company and it can be done online, although it is more common to apply in person.

There is a law that provides for the company registration to be completed within 1 day. But in practice, it still takes 2 days to obtain the final registration certificate. Registration fees are as also based on the amount of capital the company has.

Pay the Stamp Duty and Obtain a Receipt

This can be done at the Tax Authority and Commercial Registry. Fiscal stamps are sealed at the fiscal administration. Other stamps are paid at the Commercial Registry.

Register for Income Tax, Corporate Tax and Vat With the Local Tax Inspectorate

Applicants must register for income tax, corporate tax, and VAT at the local Tax Authority. Upon registration, the Tax Authority shall issue a certificate of existence between 2 to 5 days and a tax card (magnetic card) within a minimum period of 30 days.

Register at the National Health Insurance Authority (CNAS)

Employees must be registered by the new company before the National Health Insurance Authority, which is known as Caisse Nationale des Assurances Sociales des Travailleurs Salariés (CNAS). Any new employees must be reported to the relevant authority within 10 days.

Then, Register at the National Non-Salary Workers’ Social Security Fund (CASNOS)

Applicants must register before the National Non-Salary Workers’ Social Security Fund, known locally as Caisse Nationale de Sécurité Sociale des NonSalariés (CASNOS).

Make a Company Seal

A company seal must be obtained through a private seal maker. The cost of obtaining a company seal depends on the type of seal, and its quality.

Have the Company’s Accounting Books Stamped at the Court

The accounting and inventory books must be stamped at the court when a company starts its business activities. The Algeria company incorporation is then complete.

Algeria Company Incorporation Services



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