Beginner’s Guide on Starting an Air Conditioning Business in Singapore

Starting an Air Conditioning Business in SingaporeLocated in warm and tropical Southeast Asia, Singapore is one of the most humid countries in the world. With temperatures reaching up to 38 degrees celsius, walking in the street during the day can be challenging and demanding. Because of these warm conditions, the need for air conditioning has always been in high demand in Singapore.

Throughout the modern world, the use of air conditioning has been global nowadays. Air conditioners can make any indoor space chilly and fresh. You can see air conditioners almost everywhere. Air conditioners have also evolved recently, with variations of models that you can choose from. With technology improving every day, air conditioners are starting to have more and more functions. For example, some air conditioning companies provide air conditioners that come with air purifiers or air humidifiers.

With technology being incorporated in air conditioners, the most up-to-date products can have multiple functions. Keeping in mind that the temperature nowadays keeps on rising, companies have been modifying their air conditioners to also be more eco-friendly. The latest air conditioners possess state-of-the-art filters which will benefit people with health problems.

These technological advancements have brought air conditioning products to the next level. If you are looking to initiate your air conditioning business, you will have to do thorough research. With our help, we can fine-tune your products, ways of marketing, and business plans. We’ll explore all you need to do to make sure you are correctly prepared for a Singapore company registration. Keep reading to find out more!


What Is an Air Conditioning Business?

Decades ago, the first president was seen to consider air conditioning to be the 20th century’s best innovation. He even agreed that the sales and air conditioning services had significantly contributed to the overall economic growth in the country. Even twenty years later, air conditioning is still one of the top exports of Singapore to other humid countries all over the globe.

The air conditioning business has consistently been one of the biggest technological exports in Singapore. With technological advancements playing a part in making our lives more comfortable, air conditioning technology has been enhanced. In Singapore, air conditioners can be installed in cars, offices, malls, homes, and other indoor venues. The types of air conditioners also vary as newer models have more and more abilities.

Air conditioners are not necessarily stationary as well. There are huge; portable air conditioners often used at festivals and gigs. There are multiple ways an air conditioning business provides its services. They can opt to do installation and repair air conditioners. In all fairness, everybody uses air conditioners in all vehicles from cars to aeroplanes, offices to malls, homes, and hotels.

Sales of air conditioners have been at an all-time high over the last few decades in humid countries. So, it goes without saying, the air conditioning business is vast and is worth exploring. However, with Singapore being one of the leading manufacturers of air conditioners, it can be challenging for a beginner to stand out. Therefore, find out how you can start well and stay ahead of the game. If you are looking to create an air conditioning business in Singapore, this article is for you.


What the Business Registration Will Entail

Starting an air conditioning business in Singapore can be accessible and achievable. That is if you get started right. However, there are problems that you can avoid with local regulators by making sure your business is registered and licensed. Here is the need to know the basics to help you start your air conditioning business in Singapore.

In Singapore, all air conditioning contractors and suppliers have to register their licenses by law. For a business owner to seem credible in the air conditioning business, you will need to register for a few crucial matters. First, however, you require a specific qualification and register your trained installers with the BCA (Building and Construction Authority). The BCA is the sole provider of air conditioning licenses in Singapore, and that is where you need to go to proceed.

To start, you can also find an established air conditioning company to provide you with the licensing information. As you will be in this line of business, your company must send someone qualified and skilled to fix and repair air conditioners. They must also be knowledgeable and competent about refrigerating systems and fluorocarbon emissions. Another way you can do this is to join the incorporation of a company to make the whole process easier. Company incorporation services in Singapore can be beneficial if you do your research and find the right companies.

Getting a trade license will mean that the business takes itself seriously, as well as helping to maintain your safety. Once you have started, you will need to keep updated and renew your license every three years. In addition, you should check and see if there have been any complaints against you by keeping your business well grounded. By doing so, you can avoid having trade license problems in the future. Keep reading below to find out what licenses and permits you will need to start an air conditioning business in Singapore.


What Licences You Will Be Needing

All businesses in Singapore have to be registered with ACRA. That is the first step you will need to take to embark on your business journey. After you have registered, you will need to choose which category your air conditioning business will be part of. Deciding what services or goods you will be provided at this stage is crucial. As an air conditioning company, you will most likely have to register as a business entity as well as a corporate service provider in Singapore.

In the air conditioning business, some of your company’s personnel will need to have some special license. In addition, your employees who will provide the services will need to register with the BCA. It is part of the company’s responsibility to register your installers and service providers with the BCA. They will have to prove themselves to be skilled and competent enough before being granted a license.

As the company’s head, you will need to respect and maintain the code of practice for air conditioning and mechanical ventilation. This includes the ISO standard for the materials used upon installation, based on the preconditions of the Building Control Regulations. In addition, to maintain your license, your services or appliances must reach a certain standard before you can renew your license.

After every service is done, your company will need to file an installation report to the BCA. Another alternative to file is to the HDB (Housing and Development Board) once the work has been completed.


We’ve Got You Covered

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Starting an Air Conditioning Business in Singapore

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