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Applying For A Cryptocurrency License in Singapore

For those intending to set up a cryptocurrency license in Singapore, you will need a business license to do so. This guide explains how you can apply for your cryptocurrency license in Singapore.


Applying For A Cryptocurrency License in SingaporeBut First, What Is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a form of virtual currency. Yes, you are able to use it as a medium of exchange. You can transact safely knowing that it is secured and structured by cryptography.
Like other forms of currency, cryptocurrency can also be used for online payments. You can use them to pay for goods or services that are purchased online.


Now, What Is A Cryptocurrency License?

Online transactions require security. That is the highest priority. A cryptocurrency license gives you that. It is a document that gives authority to an entity. In this case, the entity would be your business.

With a license, you can conduct regulated cryptocurrency business transactions that are in accordance with Singapore law. With a license, you can conduct businesses as a cryptocurrency exchange operator or depository wallet operator.


What Type of Cryptocurrency License Should I Apply For?

That would depend on the nature of your business. There are two types of cryptocurrency licenses:


  • A Cryptocurrency Exchange License
  • A Cryptocurrency Wallet License


An exchange license is for businesses who want to provide exchange services. This is for those who are keen on trading cryptocurrencies. The wallet license, on the other hand, lets you conduct business as a wallet service provider. This will allow you to provide e-wallet services or token wallet services.


Where Can I Apply for A Cryptocurrency License in Singapore?

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) issues the cryptocurrency licenses in Singapore. To apply for a cryptocurrency license, you would need to go through them per the Singapore Payment Services Act 2020.

Getting a cryptocurrency license is highly encouraged. With the license, you are eligible for tax incentives and asset protection in Singapore. Several forms of company ownership also become available to you once you have obtained your cryptocurrency license.


What Documents Do I Need to Apply for A Cryptocurrency License in Singapore?

To apply for your license, you must meet the following requirements:


  • Provide a business plan
  • Have a clear financial forecast
  • Provide a local office address
  • Have a company webpage
  • Provide financial statements
  • Provide an AML/CTF policy
  • Have an insurance policy
  • Be clear of criminal charges
  • Have a clean credit record


Additionally, there are other compliance requirements that must be met before you apply for your cryptocurrency license:

  • You must develop an internal working policy for your assets
  • You must have an appointed authorised person who complies with the regulation norms
  • You must keep detailed records of all your transactions
  • You must inform the relevant authorities for any transaction that demonstrate reasonable risk.
  • You must assess all risks involved and report your activities regularly

Applying For A Cryptocurrency License in Singapore

Need More Advice?

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