Beginner’s Guide on Starting a Film Production Business in Singapore

Starting a Film Production Business in SingaporeStorytelling is by far the most common way of relaying messages. It can contain historical reminiscence, cultural anecdotes, or fictitious stories. But even within telling stories, reality and fiction will intertwine, making the stories enjoyable to listen to or watch. That is why starting a film production business is an advantageous narrative.

Before people knew how to read or write, traditions and historical facts have been passed on through generations via storytelling. Back then, people believed anything told to them, as there were not many sources of information. But as we prosper and progress, society is becoming more informed. In fact, we casually talk and tell stories all the time to other people as well.

Like it or not, storytelling is here to stay. It can be the result of us reading from other sources or receiving them from other people. You may choose to read it at your own pace or actively listen to others. However, stories are best digested when you can watch them on video, film, or Youtube.

Film production is usually involved in visual storytelling. It takes you less time to visualize the narrative. It features the story as it intends to the audience. It also carries enough weight to influence the audience into believing their reality. It may only be a visual story, but there is plenty of work done behind the scenes. Here is the guide to company registration in Singapore that you can follow.


Industry Beginnings

The film industry in Singapore began back in the 1990s where the focus shifted into art appreciation. Though there are many segments of art, storytelling became an exciting spotlight. As Singapore is rich in history, cultural diversity, and eclectic architecture, many of its citizens always tell about it to others beyond the Asian region. Thus, it was a wise decision to set up the Singapore Film Commission to begin this episode.

Filming is an act of recording visuals that tell a story. A static picture may speak a thousand words. Combining reels of film and purposeful narration may attract a thousand more audiences. Although it sounds like a film production business produces only films, this is not true. Corporations may utilize the service of a film production company to create corporate videos that talk about their brand or the company’s vision and stance.


Progressive and Making Headlines

There have been several successes in the homegrown film production business in the international arena. Local filmmakers have made headlines with their local films in many film festivals and awards. This goes to show that the Singapore film industry is gaining ground. Although the country is pocket-sized compared to others, its rich content makes other parties interested to know more.

Moreover, films and videos can now be featured online. Hence, the outreach of viewers and audience is more extensive. The higher the chances of global viewers to see local content. But with every masterpiece, such as video content or film feature, the efforts involved are laborious. Then again, it provides an opportunity to make a living out of it.

The film production industry consists of extensive expertise. It includes producers, writers, and scriptwriters. There are also set designers, art and prop designers, directors, camera persons, light and sound engineers, security, location managers, talent scouts, talents, special effects operatives, editors, color and photography specialists, and many more. There are also film production businesses that provide financial support and aid with the distribution.

A full-fledged film production business may achieve all these as investors regularly back them. The Singapore Film Commission (SFC) works to nurture local filmmakers with financial support to ensure continuous growth. If you are starting a film production business in Singapore, the SFC is a good point of reference besides the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA). As there are various ways of making films today, visually appealing stories may not need a big budget.


Licenses and Permissions to Operate

The good thing about filming in Singapore is that it is rich with a diverse range of backgrounds. From modern architecture to engaging natural vistas to historical sites, each site is poised for action any time of the day. Another plus point of filming in Singapore is the intensive sunlight we get all year long. The heat may sting once in a while, but it is all good.

Filming in Singapore requires a general permit from the respective parties in advance. If you are starting a film production business, you could engage with a Singapore corporate service provider so they can help you deal with this. If you plan to bring in foreign crews or cast, the foreign company will need to write to the Ministry of Manpower to obtain a work pass. Some activities do not need a work pass, subject to 60 days only. But to be safe, it is better to submit queries directly to MOM.

Film and video production may sometimes require specific equipment to get optimum results. In Singapore, you can utilize local companies’ service providers or bring in from overseas. Both will require explicit permission from specific bodies. These may include firearms and explosives. Furthermore, it is detrimental to have an onsite expert to ensure the safety of everyone, including the public.

When filming in Singapore, you need to ensure sufficient signs are put up so that the public is aware that filming is in session. It does not matter if it is done outdoors or indoors. Your director may be furious if they see an unappointed extra in the scene. So let’s not get to that point.


Registering the Film Production Business

Many overseas film production houses are looking to set up in Singapore. First and foremost, Singapore company incorporation services are straightforward. The IMDA and SFC are actively helping to develop the film industry in Singapore. Thus, this is becoming an incentive for foreign business owners to invest in a film production business.

The above mentions are a general clue of what to expect if you are starting a film production business in the city-state. You may need extensive and detailed advice based on your requirements. Experts at 3E Accounting can assist you so that you get a better picture. Whether you are in urgency to set up your company or taking one step at a time, we will ensure you have a smooth process. Contact us today so that you can begin filming your projects in Singapore as soon as possible.

Starting a Film Production Business in Singapore