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Beginner’s Guide on Starting a Content Writing Business in Singapore

Starting a Content Writing Business in SingaporeInterested in writing but wondering what to do to get yourself busy during this time of a pandemic? Wondering what you can do to give you extra allowance but a flexible working time? Thanks to rapid improvement and speedy progression of the digital era, starting a content writing business has potential and is worth considering.


What Is Content Writing Business?

As we move towards a digital age, starting a content writing business in Singapore is worthy and will bloom in the upcoming years. The content writing business is a business of writing articles for websites, adverts, or even content writing for social media. If you are unsure as to where to start, you can consult a corporate service provider in Singapore which has professionals that can help you out. 3E Accounting is one of the best in the nation!

Once your heart is on starting up a content writing business in Singapore, it’s time to make a decision. You can either choose to make your business a home-based business or make it a registered, licensed business in Singapore.


Why Start a Content Writing Business in Singapore

To start off, Singapore is a great place to start your content writing business. If you are thinking of a home-based business, there is no need to worry about the regulations. This is because it is business-friendly and designed with small businesses in mind. Don’t worry about the steps to start, as it is simple. Plus, starting a home-based content writing business in Singapore does not require a business registration to get started. Just simply start writing!

Start-up costs are minimal, and you get to work from home. You can save on travel costs and even get to avoid workplace stress. A home-based content writing business is good as you get to work in your comfy PJs on lazy days, and you can work anytime, anywhere. You get to have numerous clients at the same time as long as you can manage all the articles or content writing on time.

The criteria to start a home-based content writing business are simple. Firstly, you can just register your content writing business in your home under Singapore’s Home Office Scheme. The rules are easy to follow. The most basic rule is to make sure your business does not cause disturbance in your residential area. As you are running a home-based content writing business, no specific license is needed to operate. Therefore, you are generating an income at a very low cost. Make sure you look into the HDB guidelines and URA guidelines to make sure your content writing business does things the right way and does not get into any unnecessary trouble.

A home-based content writing business doesn’t require any professional training. You only need to write, learn and adapt to new trends and content. With dedication and persistence, a little bit of networking, and an adaptable mindset, jumpstarting your writing career is a piece of cake. Now you just need to impress your clients with your content.


Content Writing Business Registration Process in Singapore

Next, to those who want to state a larger, registered content writing company in Singapore, this is for you. Registration of your content writing business in Singapore can be summarized into three simple steps. Check this out for a more detailed guide to company registration in Singapore.

Step 1: Choose Your Business Entity

A business entity is an organization created by a single person or a group of people to carry out a business. Examples of types of business entities are sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC, or even corporation. One thing to keep in mind, ensure that when building your company, it is a taxable entity. Therefore, decide which type of business entity you would prefer and then register your company under the Accounting Corporate Regulatory Authority (ARCA).

Step 2: Meeting All Requirements

Assuming that you want to turn your content writing business into a full-fledged content curator company, here are the requirements you need to acquire:

  • Company name
    ACRA must approve the company name. This is a simple online procedure. There are a few guidelines that you should abide by when choosing your company name.

    • It cannot be identical to any existing business in Singapore
    • Must not infringe on any trademarks
    • It can’t be vulgar or obscene
    • Not reserved by any other company
  • Resident director
    This is a mandatory part as, according to the Companies Act, every company in Singapore needs at least one resident director. This person should be a Singapore Citizen, a Singaporean Permanent Resident, or a person who has been issued an Entrepass, Employment Pass, or Dependent Pass.
  • Shareholders
    As a Singaporean company, you need to have a minimum of 1 shareholder with a maximum of 50 shareholders. Remember, a director can be a shareholder, but a shareholder need not be a director.
  • Company secretary
    This is a requirement under Singapore legislation, which states that all firms must hire a qualified company secretary within six months of their incorporation. It’s important to note that the company secretary cannot be a sole director or shareholder. In addition, the company secretary must be a Singapore resident.
  • Paid-up capital
    All businesses need to start with a capital that includes content writing business. To add to that, you can get your capital in many ways, and one of it is paid-up capital where people like your shareholders can invest into your company, and in exchange, you give them a portion of the stock of your company depending on how much they invest. But on the good side, you only need S$1 at the beginning to start. You can add on as you grow your business.
  • Registered address
    You need a physical office address, and you can’t use the post office box. It can be a residential address or an actual office address, depending on if you want to start your content writing business at home and slowly expand it, or you can just start big.

Tada! With this, starting a content writing business in Singapore is a success! This takes care of the basics of company incorporation in Singapore.

Step 3: Open a Bank Account for Your Company

This will help organize your company accounts as all bank transactions will be done via this account, so it is traceable as well. Thus, simplifying your financial management process.

As for licensing, content writing does not need any license to run in Singapore. But please adhere to the content guidelines set in Singapore. Make sure that your content does not denigrate any race, religion, or offend and sensitivities of any racial or religious groups. Although we are not publishing our writings, we need to still obey the guidelines set in the Undesirable Publications Act. This is to make sure we don’t get our clients in trouble, and this will reflect a positive image of your company. If you decide to publish your own content, do get the respective licenses needed. For example, if you intend to do online publishing, please get the licenses for online publishing.

With this, you are equipped with the basics of starting a content writing business! It doesn’t seem that difficult after all once the steps have been broken down. Though it may seem complicated and tedious, you could contact us at 3E Accounting, and we would gladly walk you through the entire process. All the best in starting your content writing business in Singapore!

Starting a Content Writing Business in Singapore