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Beginner’s Guide on Starting a Maid Agency in Singapore

Starting a Maid Agency in SingaporeDo you sometimes feel you need an extra pair of hands around the house? Do you wish your chores would somehow magically do themselves after a long and tiring week at work? You’re not the only one. Many Singaporeans today are living a busy, hectic, on-the-go lifestyle. With trying to juggle and find the balance between work and family or personal time, there never seems enough time to get everything done. Especially when it comes to household chores.

The need for outsourcing cleaning services has grown exponentially over the years as Singaporeans get busier and busier. Thus, if you have been thinking about starting a maid agency business in Singapore, you’re in luck. There is a high demand for professional cleaners not just from individuals, but from businesses too. Well-established, professional, and reliable maid service is precisely what people need.

There are several reasons why Singaporeans are starting to outsource their cleaning jobs and chores to professionals. For one thing, professional cleaners do a more thorough job than you probably would, especially if you’re in a rush or pressed for time. Outsourcing to maid agencies is also much cheaper than hiring a full-time maid. This is one of the many reasons why starting a maid agency has become so popular.

The Singapore company registration process is also quick and easy. This alone has enticed many entrepreneurs to start a business of their own here. Not to mention how Singapore is a strategic business hub in Asia too.


What is a Maid Agency Business?

A maid agency business is not the same as an employment agency business, although the two are often mistaken for each other. The differences between the two lie in the services that are offered. Maid agencies help people by assisting them with their household chores and cleaning duties. Clients put in a request for cleaning with these agencies and the agencies will then send cleaners to the premises based on the client’s need.

Among the services that your maid agency might offer include the following:

  • Conducting ad-hoc, informal or casual job referrals
  • Cleaning, mopping, vacuuming, dusting
  • Taking out the trash
  • Wiping down countertops and cleaning the kitchen
  • Cleaning the windows

Maid agencies offer services based on the clients’ needs. For example, big companies might require more intensive cleaning than a normal household. Agencies can charge per hour, although you do have the option of offering discount packages for bulk orders to encourage clients to sign up with you for several jobs. One of the selling points of your maid agency business is the convenience that you offer customers. Your customers have the option of booking your cleaning services based on their schedule and a time that suits them.

One of a maid agency’s biggest responsibilities is to handpick the best maids. You need to make sure these individuals are trustworthy before you send them to your clients. This will minimise the chances of getting a bad reputation because of poor misconduct. The last thing you want is for your business to be associated negatively, especially in such a competitive market.


Steps to Register Your Business

You begin the company registration process by choosing your company name. When choosing your company name, it is important to do a quick check to make sure that name has not been taken. Check to make sure that the name is suitable and represents the nature of your business accurately. Once you have done so, you need to get your business legally registered.

Your business name must be officially registered with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) Singapore.  You can do this with BizFile, ACRA’s online web portal. This makes the process much easier. When you’ve completed the measures above, ACRA will generally provide you with an outcome within 3 working days from the date of your application. However, sometimes it can be as quick as within a day. Processing times could be longer if there are issues with your application.

With 3E Accounting assisting with the document preparation process, this should be a breeze. Once successfully registered, you will be issued with a Unique Entity Number (UEN) which identifies your business entity. One of the great things about starting a maid agency here is how the Singapore company incorporation process is very simple and straightforward. With all your documents in order, your business should be ready to go within a day or two.


The Businesses Licenses and Permits That You Need

Once your business is successfully registered, you can apply for your Employment Agency License. As your dedicated corporate service provider, 3E Accounting can assist with this. If your agency plans to offer recruitment services, you will need this license as a basic requirement. Licenses are issued by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) Singapore.

It is also important to note that this license is a mandatory requirement. Certain criteria must be met to be eligible for the license. MOM requires that you fulfil the following conditions before applying:

  • You must be a Singapore citizen or Permanent Resident at the time of your application.
  • No previous criminal convictions or bankruptcy.
  • You must not have been a director or involved in the management of a previous employment agency who has had their license revoked.
  • You must hold the position of owner, managing director and director, partner and general partner.
  • Your business must be registered with ACRA.
  • Your business must offer one of the following main activities:
    • Executive Search Agencies
    • Employment Agencies (excluding maid agencies)
    • Maid Agencies

Once your license has been approved, you can begin hiring the staff you need. If you’re ready to launch your maid agency business, we are ready to help. For more information about starting a maid agency business in Singapore, contact 3E Accounting today.

Starting a Maid Agency in Singapore