3E Accounting’s Employee Testimonials

At 3E Accounting, employees come first. We value every employee’s contribution and we provide a conducive environment for our employee’s growth and development. Check out the employee testimonials below.

Testimonials from Virtual Internship Programme

Michelle Chen - Final Year Accountancy Undergraduate at NTU“Ended my Summer Internship with 3E Accounting Pte. Ltd. last week. It still feels unfamiliar, having to adjust to the school life after 2 months of working from home. The fully remote working environment has allowed me to learn how to adapt to new ways of working and offered opportunities to learn beyond the theories and concepts I learnt in NTU.

One of the many things I learnt from this internship is learning how to raise awareness among the community on Accounting and Finance Knowledge through the relevant Accounting Fraud Case Studies I worked on. In addition, I enhanced my knowledge about Accounting news through assistance in the Accounting Research YouTube Project.

Despite Covid-19 and having not met anyone from the team, I still experienced a positive work environment. I am thankful for the guidance that my supervisors have provided me. It has been a valuable experience, having went through a virtual on-boarding, practicing self-discipline and attending virtual meetings.

Working together with Tang Hui Si on many tasks together while communicating virtually can be challenging at times but fulfilling as it has allowed us to adapt and make full use of online collaboration tools.

Once again, thank you 3E for this internship opportunity before I start my final year in NTU????”

Michelle Chen
Final Year Accountancy Undergraduate at NTU

Tang Hui Si - Final Year Accountancy Undergraduate at NTU“It’s been two weeks since I’ve ended my summer internship at 3E Accounting Pte. Ltd. Before the Covid-19 pandemic, I’d never thought that working entirely from home would be possible for full timers, what more for an intern who has little knowledge on what was to be done.

Working from home the past two months taught me many important soft skills such as being adaptable and disciplined. I had to adapt to new ways of working and communicating with my fellow intern, Michelle Chen, and our supervisors. I also had to stay focused at work despite the many distractions at home. This, in turn, had made me more responsible and accountable.

Apart from soft skills, I was able to further expand my knowledge on accounting through researching on various Accounting Fraud Case Studies. I was also given the opportunity to put my accounting knowledge into use while preparing basic bookkeeping, taxation and financial statements.

It has been a fruitful experience to work in a fully remote working environment and I’m really thankful to 3E Accounting for this experience.”

Tang Hui Si
Final Year Accountancy Undergraduate at NTU

Testimonials from SGUnited Traineeship Programme

“I graduated with a Bachelor of Business (Marketing) from RMIT University and I hope to make use of this traineeship opportunity to develop my digital marketing skills and gain industry experience.”

Desmond Ee
Graduate Trainee (Digital and Research)

“I feel extremely privileged to have this opportunity to be a Graduate Trainee at 3E Accounting. For a fresh graduate with limited experience like myself, this exposure to the opportunities given to me provides me with unlimited skills to grow my capabilities. It was also extremely heartwarming as my mentors and colleagues have been very helpful in guiding me through my daily work. They have also been very inclusive and active in welcoming me to the 3E Accounting Family. I look forward to a journey of continuous learning and growing here at 3E Accounting!”

Nicole Ng
Graduate Trainee (Digital and Research)

“I am very fortunate to have very patient and helpful mentors. They are willing to share and provide guidance whenever I need assistance. Lots to learn and I’m certainly enjoying it! ”

Ivy Chui
Graduate Trainee (Administrative and Compliance)

“My experience with 3E Accounting so far has been a fulfilling one. My mentor has been very helpful, and the tasks given were very diverse which really helped to diversify my skills and knowledge.”

Chong Si Ting
Graduate Trainee (Administrative and Compliance)

“3E Accounting has been very welcoming, and although I have been working from home, I still feel like I am getting the best training for the job under the circumstances. My mentor has been providing me with a supportive environment that allows me to grow. The traineeship programme has been a great opportunity to learn and has provided me with the chance to join a wonderful company. I believe this programme is beneficial to my career goals and aspirations as it leads me to explore different departments and understand my own capabilities.”

Keira Tian Lyn
Graduate Trainee (Professional)

“I am glad to be given the opportunity to gain experience from different departments through my traineeship with 3E Accounting. 3E Accounting not only helps trainees to develop their technical skills, they also focus on developing their soft skills as well, which is very important in character building. I am looking forward to learning the role quickly so that I can start contributing positively to the company.”

Leow Yu Zhen
Graduate Trainee (Professional)

 “This Graduate Traineeship programme is a great opportunity for fresh graduates like myself, to explore and gain in-depth experience in an industry that is different from my previous internship experiences. I believe that this programme, with a strong focus on four key areas in relation to digital research and strategic communication, would allow me to develop and hone technical and operational skills which are essential for my professional development. I hope to be able to constantly learn and grow under my mentors’ guidance and support.” 

Zann Leo
Graduate Trainee (Digital and Research)

“Hi everyone, I am Shun Yee and a recent engineering graduate. I am so glad to have this trainee opportunity here!”

Cheah Shun Yee
Software Developer Trainee

“Hi, my name is Melville. I graduated from Mechanical Engineering and further pursued a course in Full Stack Development. Hope to be able to gain more working experience through this traineeship.”

Melville Ng
Software Developer Trainee

“I had a smooth virtual onboarding experience with 3E Accounting, where the entire process was arranged and explained clearly. My mentor was really helpful and guided me along the way whenever I had any doubts. After gaining a better understanding of the company, I am excited about the various skills and competencies that I will acquire through this SGUnited Traineeship!. I look forward to exploring and discovering more things through this traineeship to enhance myself and support the company.”

Jermaine Ong
Graduate Trainee (Digital and Research)

“I recently joined 3E Accounting as a Software Developer Trainee. My interests include solving fun or intriguing Mathematics puzzles and honing my coding skills with online coding questions during my time in University. I am happy that 3E Accounting has given me the chance to do what I enjoy while remaining competitive within this field.”

John Huang
Software Developer Trainee

“The learning environment at 3E Accounting is very supportive. My mentor has been very friendly, approachable and always willing to help whenever I require assistance.”

Pryscila Ng
Graduate Trainee (Professional)

Testimonials from SGUnited Mid-Careers Pathways Programme

“I feel that this traineeship programme is planned out well and it shows the trainee clearly the objectives of the programme. This allows the trainee to have a clear idea on what they would work on/learn and be mentally prepared.”

Chan Jun Zhao
Software Developer

“As someone who is undergoing a mid-career switch, the virtual orientation and onboarding with 3E Accounting as a Software Developer Trainee has been very fruitful. With clear explanations on the whole architecture and visions on how the company functions, along with details on the tech stack that the applications run on, I feel excited to gain industry experience and various knowledge from 3E Accounting and I look forward to being able to provide back and support the company’s vision in offering services beyond excellence.”

Travis Lim
Software Developer

“I am an Economics and Finance graduate from SMU. In the short term, my immediate goal is to develop my general coding kills and do some ah-hoc coding projects on my own. While at the same time understanding the IT industry more. In the long term, I wish to add value to businesses or even create applications on my own for future potential business plans.”

Marcel Chia
Software Developer

3E Accounting Pte Ltd is also well-recognised for promoting work-life harmony and employee-first culture. We value every individual’s talent, contribution and development. At 3E Accounting, not only do we work smart, we play hard too. Embark on your enriching journey with us today at 3E Accounting Career!