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3E Accounting Singapore Invests In Digital Projects & Technologies To Support Accountancy Industry Digital Plan And SME Start Digital And SME Go Digital

As 3E Accounting expands, our firm continued to invest more time and effort to refine and improve the technologies used. We are transforming through technology. 3E Accounting Singapore invests in Digital Projects & Technologies to support Accountancy Industry Digital Plan and SME Start Digital and SME Go Digital.

Completed Projects

3E Accounting Customer Experience with New 3D Hologram Technology 3E Accounting Revolutionises Customer Experience With New 3D Hologram Technology – 3E Accounting is proud to announce that we have introduced 3D Hologram Technology in our operation, a move that benchmarks us against the best in the industry that always stays ahead of technology trends.

The deployment of hologram technology does more than creating life-like images – it revolutionises the customer service experience with futuristic technology. From the perspective of operational efficiency, 3E Accounting’s 3D Hologram Fan is space-saving and cost-effective. For one, it does not need a screen or TV to project the image; for another, the setup does not require any cables and wires.

Customised Automation Software We re-engineered traditional processes by customising software like Automation Software to meet our needs and help improve the productivity of each department. It handles all department job scheduling automatically, with all jobs being automatically generated by the system. Automation Software also enables management analysis of client industries, location and number of new clients secured. Additionally, Automation Software is customisable to meet our client special needs. For instance, client can request either forwarding the letter daily, weekly, monthly or self collect etc.

  • Finance: It connects all departments in a single system where all the billing is automated (issue invoice and reminders).
  • Tax, accounting and secretarial department : it is also our secretarial software which generates resolution and agreement, and automatically reminds clients on all deadlines related to accounting, tax and secretarial. This saves our admin staff the time-consuming task to manually prepare hundreds to thousands of emails every week.
  • HOD and HR: It helps to constantly monitor staffs’ job progress and hence analyses staff productivity in terms of number of jobs completed
  • Immigration: also help track and prompt users when a passport or work pass is expiring. It allows the immigration department to track work pass expiry and provide their client with updates and follow-up actions promptly.

3E Accounting offers a healthy learning environment with high IT security for our staff as much as we value customer data and privacy.

Data Security This includes installing Firewall and Anti-virus software to enhance overall IT security. “Automated spam filter” automatically filter out spam mails and reduce the possibility of 3E staff receiving phishing emails. Additionally, our staff is able to learn easily anytime and at anywhere as they will receive comprehensive skills and IT training via video training and/or online training.

Know Your Customer (KYC) Automation Software 3E Accounting also uses the Know Your Customer (KYC) software which is 100% compliance with ACRA and ISCA guidelines. It is a cost effective customer screening software to ensure the users is complying with KYC  regulatory requirements, risk assessment, record keeping, screening and on-going due diligence obligations. In other words, it helps to constantly monitor adverse news of clients and conduct client’s risk assessment on an ongoing basis, similar to an automated client blacklist system.

Besides conducting a yearly/ triennially routine check automatically, it also helps alert user of any blacklisted clients and potential risk/ issues involved. Therefore, making secretarial work effortless and help reduced business risk significantly.

3E Accounting Mobile App As the largest home-grown international accounting network with a global presence in more than 80 countries, 3E Accounting understands that mobility and instant access is key to business success. 3E Accounting Mobile App is specially designed to be an informative and easy-to-use app for people all around the world.

It includes a variety of powerful features and advanced functions such as Appointment System, Location Searching, Latest 3E Accounting News, and most importantly, a page dedicated to share all Ongoing 3E Accounting Promotions.

Digital Business Name Card

Name card QR code –  this is an example of how 3E Accounting innovatively uses technology to simplify the process for contacts. All you need to do is simply scan the QR and you will be able to retrieve 3E Accounting’s contact details.

Digitalisation has also allowed 3E Accounting to put our Employees First. By investing in VPN and TMS (Time Management System), 3E Accounting is able to commit and implement the Tripartite Standards on Flexible Working Arrangements (FWAs). VPN allows employees to work from home, just like working in the office (flexi-place), whereas TMS facilitates the implementation of staggered working hours (flexi-time).

Centralised Time Management System TMS automatically tracks employees’ daily attendance of at least 8 hours regardless of when they start to report between 8 to 10am. Time-off application is hence made easier via TMS.

As TMS is connected to the Payroll system, 3E Accounting employees do not need to fill in time-sheets, a common complaint by many in the industry. Employees just have to clock-in (tap in) and clock-out (tap out). Besides card tapping, 3E Accounting’s TMS system also supports Fingerprint function.

“You can forget to bring your card. Just don’t forget to bring your hand.”

Upcoming Projects

Accounting Report Automation Software At 3E Accounting, we believe in re-engineering traditional business processes and driving innovation. We are also looking into developing new software such as Accounting Report Auto generator. This software allow the conversion of trial balance to financial statement and income tax automatically.

We partnered with Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) to develop a prototype web application software to auto-generate income tax and financial statements using Machine Learning technology.

Bookkeeping Robot Bookkeeping Robot utilizes the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation and Machine Learning technology, allowing new client the account to be created automatically.

Chatbot At 3E Accounting, we receive numerous enquiries on daily basis, yet we have to reply within 24 hours to all emails.

Therefore, we challenged ourselves to develop a chatbot with Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, whose answers to enquiries are no difference from a human’s . This allow us to respond to hundreds of queries we receive weekly, hence improve productivity.

Financial Analysis Robot (FAR) As our business grows, the volume of work can no longer be managed by just hiring more staff. Therefore, we find a need to use Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to support our business growth so that we can maintain the quality of our services, and keep up with the fast growing business.

We plan to adopt the more advanced front-end RPA to streamline enterprise operations and improve productivity.

We continue to work on the RPA to combine data between software at Graphic User Interface (GUI) level with RPA, and without the need for human input. We can use RPA for the casting of financial statements automatically, and many more.

As part of our Digital Journey, 3E Accounting DR&D team is formulating a Digital Master Plan to map out the digital transformation of the business. Through Digitalisation, 3E Accounting make it our mission to offer the Three Es: Efficiency, Effectiveness and Economy, all part of our One-Stop Solution for our clients. Our Vision is to become the World’s Leading Corporate Service Provider.