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Beginner’s Guide on Starting a Pet Store Business in Singapore

Starting a Pet Store Business in SingaporeWhen we talk about pets, especially those cute little dogs and cats, doesn’t your face light up and your smile? There is something about pets, which can even make the saddest man calm down and feel good. Gradually, a pet becomes a part of the family. For many people who do not have kids or siblings, we treat them as our children. So, pets end up taking a piece of our hearts. Even during the most challenging days, when we see pets, they change our mood.

All the local or foreign business owners looking forward to starting a business in Singapore can try out some of the best industries out there, which are rapidly blooming and growing. However, a few industries have immense potential but are not tapped, and one of them is pet shops. This is because, in the current times when the millennials and Gen Z consumers have come to adulthood, these people slowly have embraced the whole lifestyle of pet loving and pet-owning.

In recent years, the pet industry has been exploding and growing exponentially. Hence, this is the perfect time for individuals exploring options to start a pet store business to take a step forward, grab this business opportunity, and upscale their idea into execution. However, opening a pet shop requires the business owner to follow a few mandatory steps to start and operate their business successfully, which we will discuss here.


Industry Practices for Starting a Pet Store Business in Singapore

In the earlier days, keeping a pet was not considered an option, and there were a few reasons to support it. In the previous days, the family size used to be huge; it was difficult for elders even to manage such a big family size, let alone think of raising a pet and taking responsibility for the same. One should understand that raising a pet is just like raising a baby, as it requires equal amounts of effort, time, and money. Especially in the old days, people could not afford to spend a considerable sum of money due to having more prominent families. Even salaries were not very high.

However, times have changed now. The younger generation is inclined towards pets, as they have some emotional connection and fondness towards them. Due to this reason, the pet industry in Singapore has been growing. Especially during the last 1-2 years, due to the whole COVID-19 pandemic, when people had been locked up at their homes, they were in dire need of emotional support, which they got from pets. The pet industry grew 2x times during the past few years, and in the coming future, it will grow double what it grew.

Although starting a pet store business is indeed a great idea, you can even expand your pet business along the same lines as time passes. Here are a few options which you can go with:

Pet Grooming

A Pet grooming business is one of the best ways of expanding your already-running pet business. The biggest USP of the pet grooming business is not; it does not require any permit or license. All you need is a pool of talented and passionate professionals and the proper knowledge to enter this sector. When you have a pet business, it also makes sense to have a pet grooming section for your business. Pets are just like any other living being, who require the proper grooming. By providing this service, you will act as a great after-service sale provider, which will add to the growth of your business.

Pet Boarding

Not many would have heard about the concept of pet boarding, but yes, this is a reality and is very much a new concept that is becoming famous over time. Before this concept becomes famous and viral, you must start this section with your original business plan to get the ‘First Mover Advantage.’ A pet boarding hotel or a center does not require any license. They need not comply with the licensing conditional of AVS or undergo any surprise checks. But, one of the essential points to note is that to start a pet boarding business, you need to apply for pet boarding usage from URA – Urban Redevelopment Authority, to run the business.

Sale of Pet Products

Selling pet products, such as pet feed, goes hand in hand with the idea of starting a pet store business. You will not have to take any license for the sale of any pet food. However, if you plan to manufacture, import, and process pet food in Singapore, you will need to take relevant approvals from the concerned authorities. The local commercial producers of pet feed must get the AVS-issued license before processing or manufacturing pet food. In addition, each pet food consignment must be accompanied by the cargo clearance permit, which serves as the import AVS-issued permit.

Pet Photography

Like how you and I like people taking our photos, it will surprise you to know that even pets look forward to looking cute and posing for photographs. When someone visits your pet store, there will be no harm in offering them an additional pet photography service as an add-on. There is no license required for pet photography in Singapore. But, business owners will be required to register their businesses with ACRA before starting the pet photography service in Singapore.


Business Registration

Before starting a pet store business, you will need to understand company registration in SG. Firstly, you will need to register your business with ACRA – Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority of Singapore. Then, post the registration, you need to obtain a pet shop license issued by AVS – Animal & Veterinary Service, the National Parks Board. Therefore, a regulatory body checks everything before the pet shop sells, displays, exports, or distributes pets or pet products.


Procedures for Applying for a Pet Shop Licence

Obtaining a license is mandatory for all business owners planning to start a pet shop business. You can either get your hands on Singapore company incorporation services given by an expert, or you could do it all by yourself. You just have to submit the application for the license online via the e-licensing website. It is mandatory to note that there are no animals that can get displayed or even sold before receiving approval from the authorities.

Before you apply for a pet shop license, you need to get your hands on mandatory training on animal management and pet welfare conducted by the course providers, which AVS recognizes. This essential training aims for the owners to meet the higher professional competency standards set by the pet operators.


Other Operating Licenses and Permits

It is crucial for you to get approval from the relevant authorities to operate a pet shop in Singapore:

  • A written permission grant (In case of a change of the premises) from the URA.
  • A no objection or letter of approval for only the HDB premises from HDB – Housing & Development Board
  • An ACRA certificate from ACRA.
  • Submissions of Shop Layout Plans

Pet business owners must submit the following documents to the authorities:

  • Medisave statement
  • Tenancy or lease agreement copy for the shop
  • Shop layout plans

Although it might look like a cakewalk to start your own pet shop business from the outside, it does take considerable effort, time, mind, and cost to do so. If you think you will be able to do all the registrations, a compilation of documents, etc., all by yourself, then you might be underestimating the whole process. Therefore, it is always a good idea to get in touch with an experienced and known corporate service provider in Singapore who could carry out all the processes for you and, most importantly, guide you at the right time as you cannot afford to miss out on any mandatory step.



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Starting a Pet Store Business in Singapore