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Beginner’s Guide on Starting a Landscaping Business in Singapore

Starting a Landscaping Business in SingaporeSingapore, as an advocate for green and sustainable living, is an ideal location to start a landscaping company. So if you have a green thumb with a penchant for business, then starting a landscaping business is the perfect venture for you. It’s a very rewarding business, with high demand and wide opportunities to grow. What’s more, you’ll also be helping make the country more eco-friendly.

If you’re planning on starting a landscaping business in Singapore, this is the ultimate guide for you. Here, we give you an overview of the industry, the top things you need, and how to register the business. This article aims to help you get as much information as to make your planning more planned out and convenient.


What is a Landscaping Business?

Landscape businesses are part of the construction industry. The business engages in building and maintaining outdoor structures like gardens, lawn service establishments, greenhouses, parks, and golf courses. The common services landscaping businesses offer include planting, transplanting, trimming, pruning, installing water systems, and consulting. And the common customers of the business are commercial establishments, hotels, schools, real estate, homeowners, and government agencies.

Singapore’s resolution to transform the city-state into a Garden City has opened lots of opportunities for Singapore business owners. Various associations and measures are now being taken to forward the knowledge, expertise, and skills in urban greenery and ecology in the industry. The creation of the Landscape Transformation Plan in 2019 also fosters the same goal by equipping the workforce with higher-value skills in greenery and landscape management. Under this plan is the Skills Framework for Landscape which provides information, opportunities, and certifications to landscape talents and businesses.

Starting a landscape business in Singapore is also now more attractive with the Landscape Productivity Grant. The grant supports Landscape companies that adopt technology and IT solutions and equipment in mechanizing business processes. Moreover, the state also provides workers of landscape businesses protection under the Tripartite Cluster for Landscape Industry Progressive Wage Model (PWM). The scheme allows local maintenance workers to achieve wage increases through skills upgrading and productivity improvements.

Today, more innovative landscaping designs are surging in Singapore. Some of these include sun-powered gardens, vertical gardens in high-rise buildings, and sky trellises. And because of this need for innovation, the sector is now transformed into more than just the simple provision of garden maintenance. Rather, landscaping businesses also face the challenge of offering energy-efficient and waste-reducing designs and methods.


What Do You Need to Start a Singapore Landscaping Business

Market and Competitor Information

The competition among companies in Singapore landscaping is very rigid, so getting sufficient data about the market is critical. Industry authorities and associations regularly upload market reports, so it is good to keep up to date with their websites or periodicals. Moreover, you can also get information about the top competitors online, via directories, or directly from their websites. Look out for trends in consumer behaviors and rising methods from competing companies.

List of Services and Rates

To estimate your service rate, you can start by researching the industry’s standard rate or that of your competitors. Moreover, to make sure that you’re charging the right price, you have to first list down all your investments and expenses. Using a tentative rate, multiply it by the number of hours you think you’ll render in a month, and project it in 3 to 5 years. Your ideal rate should be that whose projected income pays off your investments.

Here are some of the services you may choose to offer:

  • Pruning/Hedging
  • Plant health care
  • Irrigation system startup/shutdown
  • Mulching
  • Leaf removal
  • Lawn mowing
  • Garden maintenance & cleanup
  • Landscape consultation
  • Design & Restoration


Your landscaping equipment is crucial so you can render your services efficiently. Some of the equipment you may need are lawnmowers, leaf blowers, trimmers, sprayers, spreaders, garden hoses, spades, and protective equipment. You may choose to buy lower-grade equipment at the start to save on costs and upgrade later on. Additionally, you may also need to acquire a truck, trailer, and loader. As these are big expenses, there is the alternative of renting them instead of buying them.

Marketing Plan

Take advantage of social media to market your landscaping business. Creating your own website and employing SEO strategies are also strategies today to increase business visibility. Moreover, traditional tactics like posters and word-of-mouth also still work. When relying on these strategies, providing quality and commendable services is still a big contributing factor. Moreover, getting the right skills certification and joining industry-accredited associations will also increase your chances of attracting customers.


How to Register a Landscaping Business in Singapore

In Singapore, one can sell services without registering a company. What this means is that your business is either a sole proprietorship or a partnership. However, company registration provides the business with legal protection and credibility, which is very helpful. To be able to do business under a business name, either as a sole, partnership, or limited company, you have to register with ACRA.

Sole proprietorships are businesses owned by only one individual. Partnerships have two or more. To register the business as a sole proprietorship or partnership, the owners must be at least 18 years old and a Singapore resident, permanent resident, or registered company (for partnerships). You have to register an approved business name and submit the owner details, documents, and consent of forming the business. This registration is renewable for one to three years.

On the other hand, a limited company is a separate legal entity that separates the owners from the business. This structure provides owners protection against the company’s liabilities and charges. To set up a limited company, you have to register an approved company name and address and submit details about the directors and shareholders. The company must have at least one director who is a citizen, permanent resident, or EntrePass holder. A corporate secretary must also be appointed within six months from the date of registration.

Business and company registration in Singapore is pretty straightforward. You can complete the process either online or via walk-in. Moreover, some may find the process tedious and complicated still, so they have the alternative of acquiring Singapore company incorporation services. With a little additional fee, you can already have the convenience of fast and stress-free company registration.


Licenses, Permits, and Other Regulations in Starting a Landscaping Business

There are no licenses required to start a landscaping business in Singapore. However, the business still has to follow the regulations that touch landscaping activities. A few of the legislations you have to be familiar with are our Parks and Trees Law and the National Parks Board Law. To be sure of the acceptable and illegal business activities in landscaping, you may directly consult with your nearest NGO or Singapore corporate service provider.

Further, the business has its risks, so owners must always employ safe management measures. Part of the tripartite advisory to the landscape sector is to provide safe transport, appropriate working hours, and protective equipment to the workers. The owners must also provide their employees with skills and training support. Under the progressive wage model, companies should pay employees wages that are equivalent to their skills and productivity.

Moreover, business owners must also learn of their responsibilities towards their customers under the Fair Tradings Act. On the other hand, the management should also know of their rights. For example, landscape services providers have the right to prompt payment of their fees as per contract terms. Service providers also have the right to refuse customers or question them for reducing their contract fees. Both parties, however, may agree as long as the terms are fair, transparent, and proportionate.

If you are conducting landscaping services in public locations, you need to get the approval of the Urban Redevelopment Authority, the National Environment Agency, and the National Parks Board. Moreover, to get a government contract for landscape services in Singapore, you need to have a consistent record of following professional and employment standards. Particularly, landscape companies must have at least two consecutive good grades or status in NParks’ Landscape Company Register.


Professional Support in Starting a Singapore Landscaping Business

Starting a business is not an easy feat. Should you need support, in addition to this guide to company registration in Singapore, 3E Accounting is here to assist. The firm specializes in company formation services that help to start business owners in completing the company registration process and other compliance requirements. Not only that, but our services also extend to accounting, taxation, and other legal aspects.

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Starting a Landscaping Business in Singapore